Squid Game: reality TV inspired by the Netflix series is already degenerating?

The “Squid Game” program was such a success that Netflix decided to launch a reality show based on the concept of the show. But according to the first returns of the shooting, the atmosphere would not really be in good shape!

Squid Game : a phenomenon in its own right

As a reminder, Squid Game revolves around a series of games. Thus, across Korea, destitute and desperate men and women are tempted by the seductive promise of strangers. The volunteers end up ending up in the middle of nowhere. There, hardly the confusion passed, they must indulge in parts that are, to say the least, particular. Indeed, if the sum promised to the winner of the challenges is astronomical, the price to pay in case of failure has nothing to envy. In Squid Gamedefeat is synonymous with death. Over the course of the series’ episodes, we follow the protagonists determined to stay alive, at all costs.

One Two Three Sun - Squid Game
One Two Three Sun – Squid Game © Netflix

endearing characters, a palpable tension and an assumed voyeurism…these ingredients may explain why season 1 of the program has caused talk around the world. Two years after the broadcast of its first burst of episodes, the thriller should soon return to our screens. The opportunity for fans to reconnect with the winner, who decides against all odds to dive back into the latter.

Hand games, naughty games ?

Squid Game has been heavily criticized for the unhealthy character of some of its parts, but also at the level of its impact on a young audience. Nevertheless, Netflix has decided to offer a reality show inspired by the series. Thus, the filming of the show has recently started in London. Several hundred anonymous candidates therefore compete in the hope of winning the jackpot – over 3.5 million pounds. Fortunately, the production left the morbid character of the original program in the closet. However, not everything seems rosy on the set.

Squid Game season 1
Squid Game season 1 © Netflix

According to our colleagues from varietyparticipants have indeed required medical assistance during the first event of the competition, namely 1,2,3 Sun. The 456 competitors, from all over the world and gathered in a huge hangar, obviously did not expect the ambient cold. Very difficult weather conditions, which would have made them live a real hell. A candidate is said to have injured his shoulder in particular by hitting a wall. The tabloid The Sun draws a frightening portrait of the whole and brings back the laments of eliminated players.

It looked like a combat zone. People were leaving crying.

According to the newspaper’s sources, multiple players could not physically progress anymore because of the biting cold. Several witnesses claim to have seen a participant evacuated on a stretcher. Among these indiscretions, we can also learn a little more about the course of the game. The creepy doll will be there. No shooting in sight, then, but fine a vest filled with blood on each candidate, which explodes if their motion sensor senses them moving at an inopportune moment. As in the series, the “survivors” have, for their part, been installed in dormitories.

Netflix’s response

In a statement to variety, a spokesperson for the platform strongly denies the breaches mentioned from the sources of Sun and denies any serious injury on set.

We are committed to the good health and safety of our participants and the technical team.

Acknowledging the hard-to-bear conditions of this first test, the spokesperson insists on the fact that everything has been done – both in terms of equipment and in terms of safety – to ensure the smooth running of the filming, despite the ice pitfalls. . The number of players would have halved at the end of this 1,2,3 Sun more complicated than it seems!

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