Stranger Things: The Parody Musical, the funny play that gives more prominence to poor Barb

within the series originals of Netflixwithout a doubt one of the most popular is stranger thingsa production created by the Duffer brothers that pays tribute to the culture of the 80s.

Released in 2016, the plot of Stranger Things starts by introducing us to a group of friends made up of Mike, Dustin, Luke Y Will.

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One night, returning home, Will runs into a strange creature and disappears without a trace, dismaying the entire town of hawkins. As his friends set out to find him, they come face to face with a mysterious shaven-haired girl named raise (Eleven) who has telekinetic powers.

It is then that our protagonists discover the existence of a parallel world known as the Upside Down (here called the Upside Down World) and it is where Will is trapped at the mercy of the creature baptized as demogorgon following his departure from Dungeons and Dragons. The help of raise will be key to being able to rescue Will.

The funny musical parody of Stranger Things that vindicates poor Barb



One of the biggest injustices for fans of Stranger Things was the sad death of beard at the hands of demogorgon because Nancy told her to go home because she wanted to “hang out” with Steve.

Although the series later echoed the character, many fans called for justice for Barb when at the end of season 1 it seemed that everyone had forgotten about her.

But that is something that does not happen in Stranger Things: The Parody Musical, a musical play in which they imagine a plot in which Barb is still alive and does duets with her “best friend” Nancy.

The musical lasts about two hours and features a total of 14 songs parodying season 1 of the television series. Netflix narrating life in Hawkins, the strange teenage crushes and the stress of having your child kidnapped and taken to another dimension.

“When I first started exploring this series as a musical parody, the songs and story beat fell into place so naturally, as if the show was meant to be set to music and parodied from the start.

Who doesn’t want to see Joyce put on quite a show with her Christmas lights? Or Barb becoming a vengeful musical diva?” She commented to CNET Jonathan Hogue, writer and producer of Stranger Sings, who is a huge fan of the series.


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“I got a lot of ideas from watching and listening to classic 80s music and movies, but also I was heavily inspired by my lifelong obsession with Saturday Night Live, Mel Brooks, Monty Python, and other comedic skit creators.

It was also important to me that while the show remained funny throughout, I also made sure to infuse it with just the right amount of heart so that audiences would really care about these characters, as silly as they are,” Hogue added.

what do you think about this Musical parody of Stranger Things in which Barb has more prominence? While we await the arrival of the final season of the series, here are some good Netflix series that are ignored by its algorithm and are very worthwhile.

Stranger Things: The Parody Musical, the funny play that gives more prominence to poor Barb