Striscia attacks Telephone Antiplagiarism

Antonio Ricci is asking the association for 45,000 euros in damages, effectively forcing it to close. The fault lies with Gabibbo and the wizards of Mediavideo.

For ordinary people, Striscia la Notizia is not just a TV broadcast, it has also become a sort of Tar for the poor: a free and independent judge, the only one who can unmask hoaxes and scams of all kinds, the only one who can rise up in defense of consumers grappling with the flaws of businesses and citizens oppressed by corrupt politicians and inefficient bureaucracies.

Antonio Ricci is for many a benefactor of humanity and Gabibbo is his prophet, but there is one aspect that usually escapes. Strip reacts with disdain to the complaints that often flock from those who denounce the broadcast for the most diverse offences; Striscia also declares that it does not tolerate attempts to harness information and freedom of satirebut at the same time she doesn’t seem to tolerate criticism, given that today she is in turn responsible for an attempt at censorship.

Telephone Antiplagiarism, a voluntary association, as deserving as the Striscia in terms of fight against hoaxes and scamsrisks closing due to the request for compensation for damages of 45,000 euros that Mediaset is asking him, to be paid within a peremptory term of ten days.

The fault of Telefono Antiplagio is that of having accused Striscia of having plagiarized the figure of Gabibbo taking it from a red puppet of an American university, Western Kentucky University; furthermore, Telefono Antiplagio had complained to Striscia that it was too tender towards the advertising that Mediaset sells to magicians and witches on its Mediavideo teletext.

Giovanni Panunzio, founder and leader of Telefono Antiplagio, joined by the editorial staff of Zeus News, said: “In 2002 I registered a site-parody of Striscia (, or Striscia la nequizia, which spoke of the iniquities of Antonio Ricci and his bias towards charlatans and covert advertising. I also reported the indiscretion that Gabibbo, the discoverer of the “tarot” on behalf of Striscia, is the “tarot” par excellence, as it was copied from the American mascot Big Red”.

“Having heard the news” continues Panunzio “The Americans sued Mediaset for 250 million dollars. Immediately afterwards RTI sued me, asking for 50,000 euros in damages because I used the

Panunzio’s accusation is clear: “Actually it was the contents, not the name, that annoyed to Mediaset and Antonio Ricci: if I had praised Striscia in that domain, RTI would never have denounced me. So much so that when I registered two other sites in my name, and, with contents similar to those of, RTI warned me, and I was forced to block them.

“Subsequently, Antonio Ricci sued us three more times for defamation, both for the Gabibbo / Big Red affair and for the partiality of Striscia con i ciarlatani. In the meantime, an injunction from RTI arrived which intimates me to pay 45,000 euros within 10 days: the civil judge decided it – I would have used the site to compete with Strisciain a case in which I was unable to defend myself because I was not notified of the hearing”.

Stripe is now on vacation: it would be nice for this claim for damages to go on vacation too, which Panunzio is unable to pay and which would lead to the end of his association.

Striscia attacks Telephone Antiplagiarism