Super López, a personal classic

Reading is traveling in time, in time and in space. We all know. When I read super lopez, that I liked so much when I was a child, or not so much as a child —I calculate that I was about fourteen years old—, I go back to that time. Readers will understand me. Something very similar had been suggested by Fernando Savater in childhood recoveredwhich I already quoted in my previous article on Asterixalthough he was referring to books from a slightly later stage, such as those by Verne or The island of the treasure, by Stevenson, which have also inspired many comics. Me The island of the treasurefor example, I met her as a comic, and Around the World in 80 Daysalso, both excellent by the way.

To return to super lopez it is to return to happy moments, or perhaps not so much, since we already know that all life has a development in which there are no shortage of bad moments, but memory, with its magic, tends to retain rather the good. I reckon I read it when I was fourteen, although some stories, like the lord of the pacifiersI read it before. I was a reader of other books, not cartoons, as I have written so many times, but I had to read these comics too. I remember a time in my life when Super López shone, when I admired himthe bill for these books, and it made me very happy.

The sensations I have when reading it again are very positive. They show that I have fulfilled many years, but at the same time that I am still the same. The same and different. As it happened to me recently with Asterixgoing back to almost all of his albums, many times I almost remember the moment when I read many of these stories.

What catches my attention today? I find them very funny and I am amazed by the drawings. As time goes by, and in the most modern albums that I have, especially, the quality of the drawing seems very high to me. That quality gave me the impression that it was increasing as the years passed. That is to say, each time they seemed better to me, especially in the drawings. This according to what I can remember, because now I have reviewed what I have but I have not been able to read as much as I would like. However, this review has been enough to find much of what I enjoyed before, and also something else. This new reading has enriched me as a reader of Super López, I would say as an admirer of Super López, and of Jan, the wonderful author of it.

And it is that the pleasure and fun are still there, but perhaps they have been modulated. Now I laugh and smile many times. I wonder how books change depending on the age we read them. We change, but also the books. Sometimes we don’t read them, and they change in silence, living their particular life.

Jan keeps making them, my bookseller tells me The Book Atticin Madrid. On Wikipedia I read that Jan had declared that he was going to stop making the albums, but my bookseller says that he is still making them. Hopefully it will be like that; that means that they are waiting for me somewhere, me and many others, children and adults.

I thought I had many, but I must still be missing a lot. At the time I must have had them all, or many, with three “super humors”, and then I bought something else, but I must be very far from being up to date.

What do I like, what attracts me to Super López? The mastery of drawing, the details —in this sense of detail, especially his most modern books—.

These books can be “read” by looking at the drawings, just by looking at them, that is, you can see themIndeed, how good the drawings are, I insist. For me they have a great quality that goes beyond whether or not you like the character and his adventures, whether you like him better or worse.. For me, Jan’s drawing, which I have already said that I think improves over time, or at least, as far as I left it, as far as I got, is magnificent.

Of course I’m very attracted to these albums by how funny the stories are. You laugh a lot with them. They are very well thought out, documented, executed. They are funny, but they are also serious, and here we could say something more about this. The game that gives parody.

Parody in literature is essential. What is Super López but a kind of Don Quixote, which was the parody of a knight errant, especially Amadís de Gaula, as Super López is of Superman. But be careful, Super López is a parody and it is not a parody. It’s humor and it’s true. He is a parodic character but he really has powers, very much like Superman.

He has a real ability to embody good and fight against evil, although we almost always find him tinged with comedy. That’s why I remember that when he read it as a child he did it as if Super López’s books were both funny and serious at the same time. The same happens when I read Don Quixote, who for me continues to be a hero, strange madman, sublime madman, and therefore the most sublime and strangest of the heroes I know. Perhaps the best.

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Super López, a personal classic – Eduardo Martínez Rico – Zenda