Surfside mayor orders police to investigate parody email criticizing him

SURFSIDE, Fla. – An email parody circulating Surfside has become the talk of the town.

The parody was sent to Surfside Mayor Shlomo Danzinger’s email list.

Residents who receive the email that begins by saying:

“Dear loyal subjects,

This new year is truly glorious. After months of silencing both the most outspoken residents and staff while pushing my divisive, nasty, and environmentally polluting personal agenda, I have finally rid the City of any professional opposition that might impede my personal political ambitions.

As it turns out, local government “rules” and “laws” demand a level of transparency and cooperation that can’t keep up with my insatiable ego and re-election campaign. It seems the Florida sun laws are too bright for my delicate complexion. Genuine collaboration and open dialogue on the platform are too cumbersome; Luckily, a group of collaborators has helped me. Being a ceremonial mayor with only a 20% stake in a “strong manager” form of government was becoming a real drag.

Thanks to my leadership, Surfside’s “Hit of 22” was a tremendous success. While you were distracted making vacation plans, I was able to remove our exceptionally professional City Manager, Deputy City Manager, and Police Chief, all in a record-breaking 24 hours.

Of my many hateful achievements, this might be my finest hour. And, triumphantly, I finally have the prominence I deserve.”

Excerpt from mock email sent to Surfside residents

At the end of the email it is said to be a satire and a parody.

Eliana Salzhauer is a former Commissioner and critic of Danzinger.

He says it’s clear the email is a parody and is protected by the First Amendment.

“It’s public record, so any resident can say, ‘I want to see Shlomo’s email list,’” Salzhauer said.

Eventually, Danzinger sent an email to the residents saying, in part:

Please note that my email account was not hacked. His email address was obtained through a public records request submitted to the city. I apologize for the invasion of your privacy. Our Police Department is investigating the matter and will take appropriate action once more information is obtained.”

“I think parking lot day and satire are well protected and have a long history in America,” Salzhauer said.

Surfside police said Tuesday they had investigated the matter, but after speaking with the State’s Attorney’s Office, it was determined that there are no criminal offenses at this time.

“When you open a police investigation, that’s when you take this to another crazy level,” Salzhauer said. “From the outside, you can have people watching this saying what’s going on. I think every city has something like that going on under the hood.”

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Surfside mayor orders police to investigate parody email criticizing him