Sylvie Tellier: ousted from Miss France because of her character?

Sylvie Tellier : this is the news that surprised the web in this new school year: the director of the Miss France committee has decided to leave her post. But could it be that she is finally ousted because of her character?

Sylvie Tellier leaves Miss France

It’s now official: Sylvie is leaving her post at Miss France. She posted a video on her Instagram account to make an unexpected announcement. Not without a lot of emotion, she told her subscribers: I decided to leave the Miss France organization with a lot of emotion, because you don’t leave a company after 17 years without memories in your head and small tremolos in your voice. I wanted to thank you because these 17 years have been beautiful thanks to you. I also wanted to thank the Miss France. »

Sylvie Tellier, who could have remained at the head of the committee, then spoke about her replacement at the microphone of RTL. “Alexia is going to become CEO, so she’s the one who’s going to take charge and take the reins of this competition. She’s going to get help from Cindy Fabre, who is a former Miss France. Alexia offered to do a bit of consulting for me until the end of December. What I’m going to do, what I accepted because it’s important to me. I leave Miss France, but I leave my baby a little “, she confided.

The reasons for his departure

Although she claimed the opposite, it could well be that she was ousted from the organization in favor of the producer. When the Miss France team learned that Alexia was making history, everyone waited to find out which of her or Sylvie was going to be. They are two alpha females, with strong characters, it was impossible for the cohabitation to go well… We all said to ourselves that it was going to end in an atmosphere like Game Of Thrones “entrusted in particular to the Parisian and D’Today in France a member of the Miss France production.

Sylvie Tellier: ousted from Miss France because of her character? A member of the production speaks

Additionally, while some employees were raving about Sylvie Tellier, others described her as a ” despot”, ” too demanding and often unsatisfied” or like a person who did reign terror” within the company. Caroline Gavinet, former producer of the Miss France ceremony, said: ” Sylvie Tellier can’t stand not having the upper hand over a person. She pissed off a lot of people around her by making reign of terror. Not on me”. For the moment, Sylvia has not spoken. She keeps her role as director alongside Diane Leyre until the next elections.

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Sylvie Tellier: ousted from Miss France because of her character?