Coffee Stain, responsible for Goat Simulator 3, has earned recognition in its own right as one of the most irreverent developers and distributors in the industry. This is something that was already more than clear with its first great success, the delirious and wonderful Goat Simulator, and it is accentuated with some somewhat provocative actions for the sector, such as presenting Goat Simulator 3 (remember that there has not been a Goat Simulator 2 ) with a video that, well, let’s say it was inspired by the trailer for Dead Island 3, the project canceled by Deep Silver in 2017.

References to other games, as well as other elements of popular culture, are a constant for this study. For example, for the first Goat Simulator, the Goat Wast of Space Simulator DLCs were published, with multiple references (some very clear and others more veiled) to Star Wars and PAYDAY, as interesting crossover with this saga of shooter. Other DLCs are Goatz, released in the midst of a fever for zombie content, and Goat MMO Simulator, which gave access to an indescribable online multiplayer.

It is true that between the first and second installments of the goat simulator, the studio has also developed and published more serious proposals, such as Valheim or Satisfactory, but if provocation is in your DNA, sooner or later it will surface again. Perhaps not at such a high level as in its beginnings (we all get older), but in a more than perceptible way. The problem comes, of course, when the party alluded to does not find it funny. And this is especially striking when the aforementioned party has stood out, for years, for its irreverence.

This is the case of Take-Two, as a distributor of Rockstar, the developer of one of the most controversial games in video game history, the GTA saga. as we can read on Eurogamer, the company has blocked a Goat Simulator 3 video that featured leaked content from GTA VI. An image that, as you may have already imagined, comes from the leak of game content, still unpublished, which occurred last september.

The video, which can no longer be seen on YouTube, showed a supposed interview with a Goat Simulator 3 NPC and, during its development, this character claimed to have more jobs, including the expected GTA VI, at which point the one that showed part of the content that saw the light a few months ago. Now, when trying to access the video, a message is displayed stating that the video has been removed at the request of the copyright owner.

Obviously, Take-Two and Rockstar have every right to carry out an action like this but, personally, a performance of this type by another studio that, for years, has also been the paradigm of the irreverence, and which is usually inspired by popular content, which it parodies both in the development of its games and in its promotion. I insist, Rockstar is within its rights, but it doesn’t seem particularly coherent to me.

Take-Two deletes a video of Goat Simulator 3 with images of GTA VI