Tampax faces strong criticism for tweet that ‘sexualizes women’

Tampax is facing backlash over a tweet that social media users have criticized and accused the brand of “sexualizing women.”

You are in their DMs. We are in them. We are not the same,” the menstrual products company wrote Monday.

The post is a parody from online slang”slip in the DMs“, which is when someone sends a direct message to another person, usually a person they are attracted to, on social media.

Tampax, owned by the conglomerate Procter & Gamblefaced almost immediate backlash for the suggestive tweet.

“This is BEYOND inappropriate from a corporation,” one comment said. “It’s really weird that a company that sells products made for women’s natural bodily functions would tweet sexualizing women for using their products,” said another.

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Against Tampax

Just hours later, the company doubled down on the controversial post and quoted the parody with the additional note, saying “refused to allow Twitter to shut down before we shared this tweet“.

In response, thousands of horrified social media users adopted the hashtag “#BoycottTampax”, urging others to give up the brand for “sexualizing” much of their customer base.

Stop supporting brands that don’t support women,” said one Twitter user. “This is a disgusting and misogynistic tweet. Feminine products should never be sexualized.”

Others pointed out that many people who menstruate are minorswhich makes the tweet not only creepy, but potentially predatory.

Taking into account that [usted] is sexualizing everyone who has a period, including underage girls, she should probably have a different attitude about her (former?) clients,” noted one commenter.


However, as the boycott movement gained traction, Tampax supporters claimed that the backlash was transphobic.

Tampax previously made headlines in 2020 for tweeting that “not all people with periods are women“. The brand has also been linked to trans influencers Dylan Mulvaney Y Jeffrey Marshall.

“This whole #BoycottTampax thing is just a way of finding something small to boycott a company that supports trans people,” chimed in a social media user.

The TERF They refer to trans-exclusive radical feminists.

Oh look fans want #BoycottTampax for supporting transgender women,” another comment read. “Transphobia is in fashion this season.”

Tampax still has not issued a statement about the controversy. The company’s Twitter account has been silent since Monday.

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Tampax faces strong criticism for tweet that ‘sexualizes women’