Tania Rincón and Paul Stanley will save a couple in Las Estrellas bailan en Hoy

Tonita the mockery becomes for leaving the forum The stars dance today Y Paul Stanley the skit on his return to the track. Tania Rincon caused a sensation by showing her spectacular figure.

But those who surprised were Ferka and Jorge Losa since, like Shakira, they used Monotonía as a catharsis, this after they confessed that they had separated from their respective partners.

One day after a couple is eliminated from Las Estrellas bailan en HoyPaul Stanley, 37 years old, and Tania Rincón, 35 years old, prepared to return to the track, after the requests they had from their followers.

This Thursday, November 10, they appeared at Las Estrellas bailan en Hoy:

  • Ferka, 36 years old, and Jorge Losa, 32 years old
  • Tania Rincon and Paul Stanley

It should be remembered that this Friday, November 11, there will not only be a eliminated from The Stars dance in Todaybut there will be changing partners. This has generated great expectation since many of the couples do not get along.

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Tania Rincon and Paul Stanley (@taniarin / Instagram)

Although no one asked for it, Paul Stanley and Tania Rincón return to the dance floor of Las Estrellas bailan en Hoy

This Thursday Paul Stanley and Tania Rincon they returned to the dance floor of Las Estrellas bailan en Hoy, although no one had asked them to.

Andrea Legarreta stressed that if Paul Stanley and Tania Rincón had not made the decision to leave the competition, they would have won the first season because they had great support.

During their rehearsals, Tania Rincón confessed that they had been the filler since they did not have to present this Thursday after all the couples had already appeared on the dance floor.

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True to their style, Paul Stanley and Tania Rincón presented themselves showing that beyond dancing, they always showed great charisma.

Paul Stanley even took advantage of this moment to make fun of Toñita and the way she exploded against judge Ema Pulido.

His parody was followed by Galilea Montijo and Tania Rincón, who made fun of everything that happened that day and how the drivers could not react to Toñita’s reaction.

At the end of their fun presentation, Paul Stanley and Tania Rincón reached two points that can be awarded to one or two couples and thus help someone so they don’t leave.

These were the comments received by Paul Stanley and Tania Rincón on their return to Las Estrellas they dance in Hoy:

  • Andrea Legarreta: He stressed that they are charming and pointed out that it had been his best dance and even questioned why they had not continued if they could dance like that.

The host even made fun of Paul Stanley by pointing out that he was the one who ruined the dance. She gave them a grade of 10, which meant two points.

  • Latin Lover: He praised the beauty of Tania Rincón, pointed out that the effort they made was shown and said that they are one of the couples who miss each other. She gave them the two points.
  • Ema Pulido: She highlighted that she was moved and loved her choreography because of her great charisma. She gave them a rating point.

Like Shakira, Ferka and Jorge Losa make catharsis with Monotonía

Ferka and Jorge Losa was the last pair of ‘Champion of Champions‘ to show up on the dance floor. Like Shakirathe couple make catharsis with Monotony.

Since they entered The stars dance today, Ferka and Jorge Losa surprised with their great performance. However, their performance was affected after they confessed that they had personal problems.

Amid rumours, Ferka confessed that he had already separated from Christian Estrada. On his part, Jorge Losa stressed that he had spent time with his girlfriend because they had jealousy problems.

Taking advantage of Shakira’s song, Monotonía, the couple decided to do catharsis and thus show that they were ready for what was to come.

Like Shakira, Ferka and Jorge Losa achieved great success with Monotonía. Becoming one of the couples with the best ratings.

These were the qualifications received by Ferka and Jorge Losa in the fifth week of Las Estrellas bailan en Hoy:

  • Andrea Legarreta: She was surprised by her choreography because of the great connection they showed. However, I do not hesitate to insinuate that something more than a friendship could emerge between them.

He stressed that it was spectacular and adored the couple. She gave them a 10 rating.

  • Latin Lover: He applauded that they had loaded a dance championship because they had been spectacular. At that moment, Ferka recognized that hours before they had not come out, but thanks to her effort they managed to do so. She gave them a 10 rating.
  • Ema Pulido: She pointed out that great progress can be seen and that they are making good progress. She pointed out that there was a great connection, but she asked them to continue rehearsing more to correct mistakes such as her postures. She gave them an 8 rating.

Tania Rincón and Paul Stanley will save a couple in Las Estrellas bailan en Hoy