“Tarascones”, a parody that delves into the miseries of the bourgeoisie

The work was born in 2015 as a result of a call by the Cervantes National Theater. Since then, it has more than 100 performances performed. Credit: Alejandra Lopez.

Tarascones It is a work directed by Cyrus Zorzoli and characterized by black and crazy humor, with a police touch. She develops hand in hand with the excellent actresses Paula Barrientos, Alexandra Flechner, Eugenia Gerty Y Susana Pampin; who wrap the expensive skins of packaged ladies. Performances are every Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. Sura Metropolitan Theater, Av. Corrientes 1343, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

After several tours, the entire technical team formed a cooperative and with it an independent production company that today runs “Tarascones.” Credit: Alejandra Lopez.

“Tarascones” and lat tea time

The story takes place in the living room of the house of Raquel (Susana Pampin), an elegant setting with French-style furniture and armchairs. Over there, Zulma (Paola Barrientos), Martha (Alejandra Flechner) and Wake (Eugenia Guerty) meet every week to have tea, play cards and unleash explosive language. However, this time it will not be just another meeting. A crime will transform the evening into an unprecedented trial, full of possessions, classism and revealed secrets.

The hilarious scenes parody and caricature the stereotype of the preppy woman with elaborate hairstyles, abundant jewelry, extremely long nails and pastel-colored clothing. Likewise, the actresses take advantage of the ventriculosity of their faces to construct the gesticulation and the grotesque faces of the characters.

Tarascones is a work built from the Argentine social imaginary. “It is politically incorrect, we get involved with all the prejudices, homophobes, xenophobias and the issues that each one reflects on,” Flechner said in an interview with Perfil.

For the reconstruction of the imaginary, the piece has lighting, in charge of eli sirlin. The resource of light changes, along with music by the hand of Marcelo Katz, marks moments and transitions. For its part, the scenery was the work of Cecilia Zuvialde and the wardrobe Magda Banach.

Language and the social imaginary

During the play, the protagonists follow a language in verse written by Gonzalo Demaria. “The decision to write it in verse appeared as an immediate need, to give depth to the language, to elevate that living room and those ladies to the categories of epic and nonsense,” explained the screenwriter.

It is from verbal and non-verbal language that the protagonists are built, who reveal their miseries and hypocrisies. Murder and rape hide in the idea of ​​a good lady; while poverty and the “poor”, a resident of the suburbs or a native of the province, embodies absolute evil. In this case, the domestic worker, accused of being guilty of the crime, is the central element from which the other personalities emerge.

It is only in theatrical plausibility that such social issues do not immediately arouse anger, and give way to acceptability. It is also necessary to rethink how the moments of strong irony throughout the show, and Martita’s punctual verbiage with a wide range of adjectives for the “little black head”, aroused the laughter of the audience. In this sense, it is possible to ask how the present public constructs itself as a social individual?

Tarascones is a work that directly addresses social and political issues. In this way, he uses humor and the excellent performances of the actresses. However, it can function as a trigger to reflect on stereotypes and how the public dialogues with them in the context of theatricality.

Tickets can be obtained through the Metropolitan Sura Theater page. Credit: Alejandra Lopez.

career of actresses from “Tarascons”

Paola Barrientos is an actress who developed in theater, film and television. She achieved popularity from the advertisements of the Galicia Bank. She was part of the cast of the sitcom graduates; work that led her to win the award Martin Fierro for best supporting actress in a comedy. In 2014, she landed her first leading role in the sitcom Widows and sons of Rock & Roll beside Damian De Santo.

Alejandra Flechner is also a theater, film and television actress. Winner of a Martín Fierro award and Starfish. She worked in recognized productions such as A hundred times I must not; Chiquititas; Light Corner; gas tankers; Final time; I will resist, among other.

For her part, Susana Pampin is a multifaceted artist who worked as a theater teacher. She graduated from National School of Dramatic Art. She was an actress in numerous works, among them is Barbara Molinari; Ana Frank’s diary Y You are for me. In cinema he made two shots; the magic gloves; Silvia Prieto; Gilda, I do not regret this love; incident lightamong many others.

Eugenia Guerty developed as an actress on television, film and theater. She was part of renowned novels such as Father Courage; I am gipsy; love is said, among other. In cinema and theater he was in Hail; One Love; us without mom; Knock Knock Y Do not leave me like this.

“Tarascones”, a parody that delves into the miseries of the bourgeoisie – Nota Al Pie