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The third season of The Boys – 85% arrived on the Amazon Prime Video platform a few days ago and, as always, it is achieving success among consumers of superhero-based entertainment with a touch far beyond the familiar. The new chapters include unmissable details about the characters and among them stands out one that we don’t see every day in this genre. New information reveals that the producers of the series had to use the magic of CGI to reduce the size of the penis of one of the main characters because it drew too much attention.

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TheBoys It has always been characterized by its irreverent humor, its violence, gore and its criticism of the most shameless practices of capitalism (ironic, since it comes from one of the corporations with the greatest impact in the world and of which the most despicable actions have been known ). Its first two seasons were a resounding success on Prime Video, showing a type of superhero that we don’t usually see in big movie franchises like the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the DC Extended Universe. TheBoys is able to sustain itself thanks to a script with interesting twists and monstrous sequences in which anyone could die, or in which we witness actions that we have rarely seen a superhero do as such.

Now that the third season is going strong on Amazon’s online service, The Deep actor Chace Crawford reveals for Daily Mail a well kept secret TheBoys. In 2019, the series included an official schedule with The Seven; The Deep appears in one of the photographs, posing next to two dolphins, and his actor announces that the producers of the series did not like seeing his prominent member so explicitly (Crawford uses a prosthetic to increase its size) and that is why in image editing they decided to reduce its size.

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[El showrunner Eric] Kripke said: “We don’t get a lot of notes from Amazon, but the first one we got was that it can’t happen, we have to get that out,” he said. And we had to edit it.

deep works as a parody of Aquaman and is one of the most ridiculed characters in TheBoys. This superhero was expelled from The Seven some time ago, for which he had to undergo rehabilitation; however, he ended up joining a very Scientology-like church with completely absurd scenes that served as a very embarrassing kind of comic relief. What will be the conclusion of the character in the new stage of the series?

Amazon Prime Video is dead set on getting the best project out of its superhero-focused gold mine. The reviews for the third season are absolutely positive and the sixth episode is being advertised as completely unbelievable, even illegal in some countries. Although the Amazon platform does not have many high-impact titles (such as Stranger Things – blank95% with Netflix or The Mandalorian – blank91% on Disney Plus), TheBoys yes, it has become his summer guarantee seal. Like many productions on the small or big screen, it had to adjust to the inclemencies of the pandemic, delaying its recordings and release for a while. Now that 2022 has brought us a less bleak outlook regarding the health crisis, the big Hollywood studios have returned to old practices and the series and movies flow normally again.

Over the next few weeks, TheBoys will compete against other great streaming titles such as Obi-Wan Kenobi – blank95% on Disney Plus and stranger things, Volume 2 of which will arrive on Netflix on July 1. Which will take the best numbers of the contest? It is clear that the days of conventional television are behind us and now the battle of streaming is what attracts the attention of the whole world. amazon knows that TheBoys is a guarantee of success, as long as they give the public exactly what it wants: brutality and many comic scenes.

According to the official calendar, the next chapter of TheBoys premieres on the Amazon Prime Video platform on June 17. The third season will have a total of eight episodes.

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The Boys 3: CGI was used to reduce a character’s crotch bulge | tomatoes