The changing luck of Santiago Ramos: from winning a Goya to collecting unemployment

Andres Guerra came to the community disappointment 21 at a time when it was not going through a good economic situation. It was 2004 and he was one of the main protagonists from the second season of ‘There is no one living here‘. He appeared on the small screen for 56 episodes and left the Serie on television in 2006. 16 years later, the parody has colored the reality of actor Santiago Ramos, who played that family Guy and unsuccessful businessman, seized from head to toe by his graft: the artist went from fame to collect unemployment. In addition, he suffers from a neurodegenerative disease and plays the ‘grandfather’ of the son of Maria Adanezwith whom he shared the stage in ‘ANHQV’ and, now, family.

The popularity of Ramos is prior to being a neighbor of John Cost (interpreted by Joseph Louis Gil), Pigeon (loles lion), Ramon ‘Moncho’ Heredia ‘(Paul Chiapella), Mauricio Hidalgo (Luis Merlo), or the concierge Emilio (Fernando Tejero). In 1985 she starred in the famous comedythe heifer‘, by Luis Garcia Berlanga. The role of him in the film ‘like lightning‘was worth two Goya Awards of 1996: to the best leading actor and the distinction to the best male performance.

His filmography consists of a seventy projectionsbut his great passion is theater. On stage, she shared a poster with actresses like Veronica Forque in ‘Ay, Carmela!’, or Cayetana Guillén Cuervo in ‘La Test’. Her last project was not in 2012. Since then, it has been difficult for her to find more work, both on television and on stage, and that led her to unemployment lines in 2014.

“There is a lot of unemployment, few possibilities for the theater, where I have always defended myself. I have always defended myself with television, with the mix of things that I can do, but the moment is tremendous and it is not over yet,” said the actor for back then.

Parkinson and relationship with María Adánez

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Ramos suffers from the disease Parkinson’s since 2015. her husband takes care of her Maria Adanezthe neurologist Ignacio Hernandez Medrano. “It is wonderfully cared for,” they affirm different to this newspaper. The actor has not entrusted his health to Adánez by chance. In the early 2000s they only shared scenes, but in the shooting set from ‘There is no one alive here’ came love. Specifically, Adánez is the daughter of Ramos’ second wife, a makeup artist serial.

Adánez and Hérnandez Medrano, who married in November 2021, became parents a few months earlier, in May. Ramos has become the ‘grandfather’ of the little one Claudius and the actress boasts about it on her social networks. Santiago Ramos is away from the stage, now he is ‘grandfather Santi’.

The changing luck of Santiago Ramos: from winning a Goya to collecting unemployment