“The dance of the damned”: between parodies and attacks, the discussion of the PEF 2023 reserves in Deputies took place

By Jose Gerardo Mejia

The PAN caucus, tired of being labeled as cursed since last March by the deputy of the Labor Party, Benjamin Robles Montoyadecided to respond from the rostrum in the same tone, which restarted the mud war in the legislative chamber of Saint Lazarus.

The plenary session, scheduled to discuss 2,264 reservations from the Expenditure Budget of the Federation (PEF) 2023became a reissue of the war novel “El baile de los malditos”, made into a film in 1958 with Marlon Brando in the leading role.

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Before, the parody was carried out by Manuel Alejandro Robles Gomezdeputy from Morena, who on the platform mocked the arguments that the PAN, PRD, Movimiento Ciudadano and PRI have used to defend the National Electoral Institute, Robles Gomez He stressed that there should never again be “officials with bonuses, salaries, with bonuses.”

“No more. That Mexico is over, no matter how much they shout here that the INE is not touched. I do remember the slogans of the people in the streets, the slogans of the people when you stole the Presidency in 2006, the people shouted: ‘Mrs. Hinojosa, why did that thing give birth? Mr. Calderón, why didn’t you use a condom?’

“That was shouted in the streets, not those streets of: ‘Oh, the INE is not touched, the INE is not touched’. ‘Six, seven and eight, Lorenzo is a biscuit’. They’re ridiculous, they’re clowns, that’s what they are. I already want to see you there marching for more budget for our positions. They are barbarians”, he said with an imitation in which he altered his voice as comedians do, although he is a lawyer from UNAM.

The tension increased when the PAN deputy, Javier González Zepeda, affirmed that in his party they will insist on an increase in the education budget, “because there are important lags due to cuts and the increase again to the interests of the president and his universities for the well-being, of which we already know what the bottom is”.

“And yes, even if you play crazy, you damned PT deputy, who with your ignorant and demeaning actions addresses this highest tribune and so on… Yes, I am damned for defending the future of young people, of my children , of their children and of the Mexicans”, shouted the legislator González Zepeda.

From that moment on, the dance of the damned began, after the PT deputy, Robles Montoya, assumed the leading role of the session when he asked for the floor for personal references to respond to the blue and white Mexican legislator, although he was not mentioned your name.

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The PT deputy was unable to finish his first sentence, because PAN member José Elías Lixa asked for the floor to clarify that “if it were an allusion, implicit or explicit, we would like to know what it was. If someone is assumed to be cursed, then only clarify to the assembly”.

“We would have no problem assuming that allusion. But since he only referred to a cursed deputy, I see no reason for there to be a personal allusion, except, of course, the case of the sack of the curse,” Lixa released.

With a broken face, Robles Montoya responded from his seat: “Damn and a thousand times damn for everything they have been doing against the people of Mexico.”

Since the last session, the PT has said that the opposition legislators are cursed because, in his opinion, their actions threaten and betray the people of Mexico.

But the PT also lashed out at PAN member Noemí Berenice Luna, who at that time was replacing her bench partner, Santiago Creel Miranda, as president of the Board of Directors, because “it would be good if she reviewed our legal framework ”.

“First I will remind you, deputy president, that the personal reference is immediately after. You fail again as president of this Board of Directors. And what he ignored, because who knows what planet the deputy who took the floor is on, was that he spoke of the PT deputy, addressing a server. That is obviously a personal allusion, ”she asserted.

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with poise, Moon Ayala, acting president, clarified that “there is no personal allusion to her name, so that the table grants her the right to use the microphone, without even saying which deputy in particular she is referring to. They referred to the PT bench.”

Solidarity with the president of the Board of Directorsthe panistas began to shout in chorus: “Damn! Damn!… Damn!”

To which Robles Montoya replied that “the 12 cursed years of the bad governments of National Action place you as the cursed caucus of this legislature and we are going to tell you everything you deserve whenever necessary.”

With the microphone open, PT Robles displayed his repertoire of insults, for which the PRI deputy, Cynthia Iliana López Castro, stressed that Montoya Oaks “He is attacking and using words that should not be offending.”

“This is not the time to offend. If you really want to defend, then open your budgets and support the poorest families, because they are taking money from children, from education, from health, from full-time schools,” he stressed. Lopez Castro.

The PT deputy, Gerardo Fernandez Noronacame out in defense of his bench partner to comment that “it was an allusion to a PT deputy, not to the PT bench.”

“It has been public in the media that fellow deputy Benjamín Robles said these words, which are from President (Benito) Juárez: “Cursed and a thousand times cursed is he who with his words defends and with his deeds betrays the people of Mexico.”

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the baker Jorge Triana He asserted that Robles Montoya has a “misogynistic, sexist, deplorable vision that we heard a moment ago from the damned deputy who, I repeat what he said, I repeat what he said at this time because what we hear is abominable and inadmissible.”

“They can’t stand it, they can’t see an empowered woman, it corrodes their blood, it burns them to the core. They cannot see an empowered woman because they send her to study. Let her go study him. Damn deputy”, shouted the legislator of the BREAD.

Triana Tena announced that in view of what was said by the “damn deputy, damn misogynist and damn macho, we reserve our right to file the corresponding complaints for gender-based political violence, it is not the first time he has done so.”

After an intervention by Leonel Godoy in which he said that some PAN members present in the plenary endorsed the 1988 electoral process, the deputy Elijah Lisa He asked to be tested for insanity, which the brunette accepted and returned with the demand that the PAN Parliamentary Group take a breathalyzer test.

Later, when the petista Benjamin Robles went up to the rostrum to present a reservation, the PAN members extended their arms and hands moving their fingers as when a corner kick is coming into the rival goal and shouting in chorus: Cu-ar-to par-ti-do, cu-ar- to par-ti-do, cu-ar-to par-ti-do!, alluding to the fact that “Robles Montoya has been a member of the PRI, PRD, Convergencia and now PT, which shows his inconsistency, since in addition the PT they have the CENDI’s business”, explained the PAN deputy, Román Cifuentes.

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When the cry of “Damn! Damn!” was heard again, the president of the Chamber of Deputies decreed a recess to restart the plenary session this Thursday, when 266 of the 2,264 reservations had been released.

“We are missing 1,998, tomorrow we will continue the discussion starting at 10 in the morning,” he said. creel at a press conference.

Given this, the petista Fernandez Norona He asked “to redirect the debate, to focus on the issues that we are dealing with. We have more than 2,000 reserves and, at the rate we are going, it will not reach us even the following year”.

“The dance of the damned”: between parodies and attacks, the discussion of the PEF 2023 reserves in Deputies took place