The daughter of the ‘influencer’ Hilda Siverio denounces threats and harassment due to the worsening of her mother’s illness

Hilda Siverio always smiles for the camera. She has been doing it for years on TikTok, with her #DiarioDeHilda and with the support of a million and a half followers who accompany her in her cancer treatment. The 51-year-old from Tenerife was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014 and, despite her treatment and the dozens of times she underwent surgery, disease spread to nodal and bone metastases. Siverio is now in the hospital and his condition has worsened, as reported by his daughter Valeria in a TikTok video. In what should be moments of encouragement and tranquility, Valeria denounces that the family is being harassed and threatened by followers.

“I find it very sad that in a situation like this I am forced to make this video, due to the amount of disrespect that not only my mother, but the whole family are suffering,” says Valeria on TikTok. The young woman has denounced that she continuously receives messages by email, different social networks, and even phone calls from followers who, concerned about the state of health of her mother, demand that she tell in detail what is the state of health of her “They are not just questions, we have received threats. It is inhumane”, continues the young woman. These messages have even reached Hilda’s youngest children, ages 16 and eight.


Sorry for my face, I haven’t slept well for days and my hormones are on the surface. We don’t know how long this situation will last, I just know that the red lips and the smile don’t go away. I hope you understand that right now family and friends are in a difficult situation and above all we want you to leave us time to enjoy it. Above all I ask for respect.

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With the public complaint, Valeria hopes that the harassment will stop. “There is such a lack of respect that a person outside my family and friends came up with the brilliant idea of ​​coming to the hospital, not only upsetting my mother, but also taking a photo of her in the state she is in” , Valeria has told. “My mother is in a very critical state, and we are trying to say goodbye to her. Please, I need this to stop, ”concludes the young woman, before assuring that she will inform her followers when the time is right and thank the people who are supporting her mother.

Hilda has danced to endless songs on TikTok and has filled the social network with optimism. “She was passing by to remind you that life is a daily gift that cannot be missed. It’s time to live, it’s time to smile, it’s time to enjoy and appreciate every minute of life, ”she says. influencers in one of his latest videos. She with humor, she recreates photos of her when she was a child, she parodies herself, she dances to the sound of Camela’s song When love sets sail. In 2022 she was awarded the Tenerife Island Council Solidarity award for her contribution to volunteering, which she donated to a cancer relief foundation. “The people who smile at such a difficult situation is how we want to be remembered, with a smile,” she expressed in one of her most recent videos.

“My desires win”

Hilda is one of the influencers that have shown the day to day of his illness. Last week the networks lamented the death of Elena Huelva, the young woman from Seville who raised awareness about Ewing’s sarcoma and the need to increase research resources. Thousands of people have repeated Elena’s motto for days, “my desire wins”, and have demanded more investment in the study of these diseases. Last August the Alicante influencer Carlos Sarriá died at the age of 20, known by the pseudonym Charlie or, as he called himself, “the one with cancer who does things.” His humor made him a benchmark for thousands of adolescents.

The scope and impact of the work of these cancer patients goes beyond information. The Sunflowers for Izarbe project, which was started by the young woman from Zaragoza Izarbe herself, managed to raise 25,000 euros, with which the family has created a research grant for Ewing’s sarcoma that she suffered from, and for which she died in May 2021. Pablo Ráez was another example. The blogger from Malaga suffered from leukemia, and through his # retounmillón, which encouraged people to become a bone marrow donor, he managed to a tremendous increase in donations: The number of bone marrow donors during 2016 grew by 36% throughout the country, 80% in his community, Andalusia.

The daughter of the ‘influencer’ Hilda Siverio denounces threats and harassment due to the worsening of her mother’s illness