The day that Queen Elizabeth and James Bond stole the ‘show’ in London 2012, at the opening of the Olympics

Almost 10 years ago, London held its long-awaited Olympic Games, a massive event that brought together more than 10,000 athletes. However, there was one fact that made it even more special.

Queen Elizabeth II starred alongside Daniel Craig in a funny parody broadcast during the London 2012 Summer Olympics.

But what was it about? At the opening ceremony you could see in a video that Bond, with his particular style, enters the palace. Then he enters the queen’s chambers and she says: “Good evening, Mr Bond.” Queen Elizabeth greeted upon noticing James’s presence and in an almost ceremonial and very formal manner they both left.

Then Queen Elizabeth is seen touring the corridors of Buckingham with James Bond (in this case, a role played by Daniel Craig) to get on a helicopter, fly over London and then simulate a jump from a parachute with which he arrived, impeccable ( as always) to the Olympic stadium.

Finally, Queen Elizabeth came out to the stadium box in the company of her husband, Philip of Edinburgh. It should be noted that The queen kept this Olympic skit with James Bond a secret from her family.

A moment so memorable that, even earlier this year, Craig revealed the details of their meeting during an appearance on ‘The Late Show’. The actor specifically recalled a “very funny” joke a royal pulled at his expense, according to the newspaper. The Independent.

In the program they also asked the actor what the monarch was really like in person, to which the interpreter did not hesitate to answer: “Very funny.”

“He likes to crack jokes, and he cracked one about me. We were going to take some pictures and she jumped: ‘Oh no, this is the one with no smile!’ Fair enough, I have to say”, Craig laughed when explaining said moment.

In addition, he also explained that he played for a long time with the queen’s corgis, the spoiled dogs that had been accompanying her for decades and that also appeared during the sketch. “I was lying on the ground with them most of the time. I mean, there they were. I think they have their own butlers. They are very friendly, “said the actor.

This singular and small episode, was so marked in the hearts and in the eyes of millions of viewers, that even almost a decade later the anecdote is still remembered. And today, In tribute to his death and remembering his peculiar sense of humor, many of his followers have replied.

Among the notable comments are:

@Maple_pls: By far the best modern Olympics intro.

@DavidSo7986: That opening was the best.

@adavid_rr: that day the queen jumped into modernity and established herself in a new decade as a current monarch. I’m going to see the opening of London 2012 right now.

@Jhonferneyuribe: A fucking epic post.

@JAmelioEsquivel: A great memory.

Queen Elizabeth makes a splash with her performance alongside Paddington Bear at the Grand Platinum Jubilee Concert

If on her diamond jubilee, ten years ago, Queen Elizabeth II dared to act in a short clip together with James Bond, played by Daniel Craig, in the platinum one she has returned to act sharing the scene with Paddington bear.

At the start of the Platinum Party at the Palace, a massive concert for his 70 years on the throne, both her subjects and Internet users were left open-mouthed, seeing the queen representing a scene in which she takes tea in the halls of her palace with the popular Paddington bear minutes before the concert.

The bear takes certain liberties, such as drinking tea directly from the queen’s very fine teapot, which he endangers by pirouettes, before Elizabeth’s histrionic expressions. Also, sprinkles custard on her majesty’s stiff butlerwho very calmly says: “never mind” (it doesn’t matter).

The two then talk about how much they like jam sandwiches. Paddington confesses that he always carries an extra supply under his hat, while the queen confesses that he does the same, but in her famous Launer bag.

In the end, the bear congratulates her on the anniversary and she thanks him, before giving way to a scene in which they both imitate the music that sounds at the palace doors, clanging the cutlery on the glass.

The day that Queen Elizabeth and James Bond stole the ‘show’ in London 2012, at the opening of the Olympics