The deputy Karol Cariola did not publish a tweet about prohibiting by law rebuke the president of Chile

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Users on social networks have shared the screenshot of a tweet attributed to the deputy of the Communist Party of Chile Karol Cariola where the parliamentarian would have called to promote a bill that “prohibits people of any category” from rebuke the president of the country. The message has been replicated more than 300 times on social networks since October 15, 2022. However, the content comes from a parody account that Deputy Cariola herself had previously denounced.

“It is time to promote a bill that prohibits people of any category from approaching and rebuking the President”says the message, whose screenshot of the publication has circulated in Facebook.

Screenshot of a Facebook post made on November 4, 2022

Following a search on Twitter for the phrase allegedly written by Karol Cariolafound the Tweet original, emerged from the account in the name of the user “Karol Cariola Olive 26%”. However, in the viral message it does not appear “from 26%”.

that account on Twitter specifies in its description: “This is a parody account. (Although not so parody)”. Instead, in the official profile by Karol Cariola you can read: “D9 Deputy, Feminist, Ecologist, and Communist Militant; Midwife, Former Student Leader, President of the Chamber of Deputies Constitution Commission”.

A search on the deputy’s official profile on Twitter did not return any results on that statement. Nor were records found in the Archive or the Wayback Machine, platforms that store copies of entries from web portals and social networks even after they have been deleted.

Also, a barely noticeable difference is that the named parody account has now taken advantage of the similarity between the lyrics “he” lowercase and the letter “Yo” uppercase in the font, so that your username looks the same, despite typing “@KaroICariola”, since on Twitter these cannot be repeated.

Normally, the tweets written by Cariola are published from an iPhone while the viral posts indicate that this one was tweeted from an Android.

Comparison of screenshots of a publication that replicates the tweet of the parody account (i) and an entry of the official account of deputy Karol Cariola on Twitter, made on November 4, 2022

The deputy’s official account has published more than 23,000 tweets, has more than 500,000 followers and is verified, while the parody account has issued 715 tweets, has 5,078 followers and is not a verified account. Also, the cover photos of the original account and the parody are different.

blankComparison of screenshots of the parody account (I) and the official account of deputy Karol Cariola on Twitter, taken on November 4, 2022

Consulted by AFP Factual, the deputy’s press team clarified that “it is totally false” the tweet spread on networks. He explained that he had reported the parody account to Twitter and received the standard response to such cases. The social network has politics concerning misleading and misleading identities.

Likewise, Cariola confirmed in a tweet, published on September 21, that the account impersonates his identity.

AFP Factual has already verified false tweets coming from that account on Twitter.

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The deputy Karol Cariola did not publish a tweet about prohibiting by law rebuke the president of Chile