The French seventh art continues betting on the comedy genre, this time showing the funny side of comics

The genre of comedy from the French Seventh Art, has and continues to be very successful among the public and critics, in and outside France, whose box office records have been very well seen throughout the 20th century and so far in the 21st. .

Gustavo Velutini Luning


One of the current comedies of this modern cinema is “Super, who?” (“Super-heroes malgré lui”) of the versatile Philippe Lacheau, whose internationalization began at the end of 2021 and is still looking for new markets, for now he is already in Venezuela (thanks to World of Film and United Cinemas).

This parody and action film shows for the first time the comic side of the comicin this case, parodying Batman, under the name of Badman (yes with D)whose suit is worn by Cedric, a model more than an actor, but who in the end will become one.

Role played by the versatile Philippe Lacheau.

French comedy through the years

Many comedies make up the French filmography, but without a doubt, number one is “My oncle” (1958), followed by “La grande vadrouille” (1966) as per “The Adventures of Rabbi Jacob” (1973), etc

Also of note are all the films by actors Louis de Funés and Pierre Richard, as well as by filmmakers specializing in comedy, Claude Zidi, Gérard Oury and Francis Veber.

“My Uncle” (Mon Oncle, 1958) It is considered a classic of French comedy, which was starred, written and directed by Jacques Tati (1907-1982).

Tati plays the extremely simple Monsieur Hulot (a successful character, who became popular in other films), who will be surprised to discover the house of his little nephew, whose home is full of artifacts of great comfort, which seems to have a life of its own, Of course, because they are sophisticated machines of modernity.

The fact of how Monsieur Hulot visualizes this home renovation is the point of humor of this classic and entertaining film.

The film was and continues to be applauded worldwide, in addition, the versatile Jacques Tati would receive a good number of awards, including the Oscar for Best Foreign Film, in 1958, in the United States.

It was also awarded the Special Prize at the 1958 Cannes Film Festival as the prestigious New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Foreign Language Film, etc, etc.

The fantastic fugue (La grande vadrouille, 1966), presents two French civilians and some soldiers of the British air force, who want to reach England, in order to evade the Nazis, in the middle of the Second World War. An escape full of humour, with performances by Louis de Funes Y Bourvilunder the direction of Gérard Oury.

Another hit of hits is “The crazy adventures of Rabbi Jacob (Les aventures de Rabbi Jacob, 1973), where Victor Pivert is nice, but also knows how to be intolerant, when he bumps into unpleasant foreigners. To the misfortune of this gentleman, it is to come across some Arabs, therefore he seeks to disguise himself to evade them, and with this a comedy of entanglements arises, which is directed by Gérard Oury, and with the great Louis de Funés.

Louis de Funes and Pierra Richard, icons of French comedy of the mid-20th century

Louis de Funes (1914-1983) He began his career in the late 1940s and remained active until 1982.

Over the years, he consolidated himself as a comedian, for expressing his innocence on screen and a smile in the face of clumsiness, this and more, made his films reach the top of the French box office and other international markets.

His successes are many, but a stellar role that marked his career was to personify a Gendarme, that is to say, Chief Sergeant Ludovic Cruchot, whose action kept him immersed in wrong situations, but in the end, he solved his cases (what for the viewer, were laughter).

These situations of entanglement that surround the actions of Genderme, slightly reminds the comic context of Inspector Closeu (from the Pink Panther serial).

The first film Louis de Funés as the Gendarme was released in 1964, entitled “The gendarme of Saint-Tropez”.

The receptivity of this comedy was so great that this allowed five more films: “The gendarme in New York” (1965), “The gendarme marries” (1968), “Six gendarme on the run (1970), The gendarme and the aliens” (1979) Y “The crazy, crazy world of the gendarme” (1982).

Pierre-Richard was born on August 16, 1934, whose career is known by film buffs and critics, for assuming dreamy characters, extremely innocent and, at the same time, clumsy, but with a lot of humor.

A young Pierre Richard, who conquered and continues to make everyone laugh

Pierre Richard today

In addition to acting, Pierre has directed, written and starred in 7 titles, the first was “I distracted him” (1970), “Les malheurs d’Alfred” (1972), “Je sais rien, mais je dirai tout” (1973), “Je suis timid… mais je me soigne” (1978), “C’est pas moi, c’est lui” (1980), “On peut toujours rêver” (1991) Y “Droit dans le mur” (1997).

Among his multiple films as an actor are: “A course à l’échalote” next to Jane Birkin, at the order of Claude Zidi (1975), “Le jouet” (where I seek to become a living toy, to please a rich boy, 1976), “The Chevre” by Francis Veber (1976), “You buy them” (1983), “The fugitives” (1986), “Le Coup du parapluie” by Gérard Oury (1980), etc.

More recently, he has starred in romantic, twisted, and funny family comedies, including “Paris pies nus” alongside the veteran Emmanuelle Riva (2017), “Madame Mills, une voisine si parfaite” of actress and director Sophie Marceau as “My Northern Family” by Dany Boon (both 2018).

In the distribution of “The Chevre” They also co-starred Pedro Armendáriz Jr and Gérard Depardieu, the latter has developed a diverse stage career, including comedy, thanks to the latter, he co-starred with Pierre Richard in the films “the chevre”, “you buy them” Y “the fugitives”, being three action comedy titles, which were very successful inside and outside France.

Pierre Richard and Gerard Depardieu

Philippe Lacheau, seeks to establish itself in today’s French comedy

Philippe Lacheau

Philippe Lacheau He began his career in 2010, but it would not be until 2014 when his talent grew on the big screen when he premiered “Babysitting” (“Babysitter in trouble”), a film in which he starred and co-directed with Nicolas Benamou, whose plot presents Frank, a babysitter, who will see how chaos takes over his workplace, when his friends decide to visit him.

In view of the success, Nicolas Benamou and Phlippe Lacheau chose to shoot a second part of “Babysitting”whose success continued to support them.

This time Frank and his girlfriend Sonia travel to Brazil to square their marriage. But before that, they start a walk through the jungle, in the company of friends and Sonia’s grandmother. The funny thing about the film is that they lose, and how they dodge situations of entanglement and danger, in the middle of nature.

In 2017 Phlippe Lacheau directs alone and with his own script, premiering “” (“, deception agency”), whose story is part of the romantic comedy genre, where Greg (Philippe Lacheau) founds a company with the purpose of creating all kinds of alibis for people with sentimental problems.

With his next film, Philippe leaves the romantic behind and tackles the action genre, deftly intertwining it with a perfect dose of comedy, including failed hits, faces of astonishment and exaggerated actions of danger, in “Nicky Larson and Cupidon’s Parfum” (2018), whose title was acquired by the firm Sony Pictures, to distribute it in French territory.

The story involves investigator Nicky Larson (Philippe Lacheau), who is hired to recover the great invention of “Cupid’s Perfume”, which makes people irresistible, immediately.

Elodie Fontan, Tarek Boudali, Julien Arruti, Reem Kherici and American Pamela Anderson co-starred. It was a hit with young audiences.

after brand new “Nicky Larson and Cupidon’s Parfum”the multitalented Phlippe Lacheau went on to co-write, direct and star in “Super… who?” (“Super-heroes malgré lui”)a film of action, humor and “parody of the comic genre”alluding to Marvel and DC characters, with a clear protagonist: Batmanunder the name of BaDman (yes with D).

A super hero who will have his own movie, and a slightly clumsy actor who always wants to do good, but everything goes wrong.

In “Super…who?”, Cedric will see how fortune will smile on him after a second call, to be in a movie and be Badman.

But an accident causes him to lose his memory, forgetting that he is Cedric and believes Badman to 100%.

It’s not Batman, but Badman.

Therefore, in Cedric’s imaginary subconscious, he believes he has a family and that he is kidnapped by a villain (clearly, it is a reference to the Joker).

This whole panorama of entanglements is leading Cedric to total disaster, which for the viewer is synonymous with laughter. The showiness of the film is how there are referential parodies to the X Men, Spiderman and how hilarious, see Badman leading a team of avengers, to face a real criminal, in whose scene they parody Thor, Captain America Y Hombre de Hierro.

Parody of “Spiderman” and the kiss

The original

Badman along with other Marvel heroes…

But not everything will be chaos for Cedric/Badmanbut in the long run it will live its great cinematographic premiere.

The French seventh art continues betting on the comedy genre, this time showing the funny side of comics