The man against the bee (Man vs Bee, 2022) The horror series of the year. Cool. Pure Mr. Bean

It has premiered in Netflix The man against the bee, a series that I personally really wanted since I saw it announced. There are 9 episodes that barely add up to 100 minutes in its entirety and it is the return of Rowan Atkinson to the closest thing to his iconic character, mr bean.

Comedy, a danger in extinction.

I’m not going to give too much trouble about how difficult it is to do comedy, but personally since Mr. Bean few things have made me cringe in film or television. I’m a fan of Marx Brothersand of the Zucker Brothers who together with Jim Abrahams they made the absurd comedy an extinct genre. We talk about iconic movies like Land as you canthe trilogy of Leslie Nielsen, grab it as you can, Top Secret or Hot Shots. Nielsen clung to success and later starred in several titles based on that absurd humor, although less important.

In 1983 Rowan Atkinson broke into British television with The Black Vipera parody of Shakespeare’s medieval tragedies, with phrases drawn from the bard’s plays interspersed with dialogue written by Atkinson and Richard Curtis.

But his great moment would come in 1990 with mr bean, an ode to the absurd. Undoubtedly one of the best comedies in the history of television, starring a character who turned any trivial situation into a task that was complicated to extremes of extreme laughter.

However, with the 2000s came the end of the absurd comedy, which in the 90s suffered tremendously but still gave us some rare little birds like Mafia, scam as you can. It is Scary Movie, from the year 2000, the end of everything. That tape parodied teen horror movies, but the Wayans brothers aren’t exactly the Zucker Brothers. I admit that with some scenes of the Scary Movie saga I have laughed but nothing to do with the aforementioned.

That’s why when I saw a couple of months ago the trailer for The man against the bee I cheered, as it clearly looks like a brazen attempt to bring some sort of Mr. Bean into the 21st century.

The man against the bee: The man against himself.

Immediately I related the synopsis of this series with a mythical chapter of the series of drawings of The Pink Panther entitled The impertinent mosquito, from 1965.

And more or less the directions will be the same. Atkinson plays Trevor, a divorced man who finds work as a caretaker in luxury homes. When he goes in to introduce himself to the couple who owns the house, he sneaks in a “harmless” bee. Soon we will see the limitations of the character, who will remind us of the best Mr. Bean.

The series, lasting nine chapters, barely reaches 100 minutes in total, so it can be seen in one sitting, as it is in my case. The first chapter is hilarious and from then on it shakes us with hilarious moments and the best cliffhangers of 2022.

The best is in the actor obviously. Rowan Atkinson appropriates the scene and does what she does best, using his body language to make us laugh. As the action is the only one against the bee, there is hardly any dialogue, so the interpreter is given free rein to exploit his comical side.

Trevor is a textbook idiot, but the series does not want us to see him as such and reminds us that he is a human being and in a very well-managed way introduces us to his familiar terrain. Thanks to this job, he will be able to take his daughter on vacation, although things seem to be getting complicated. However, this family contribution enriches the character and the series since he gives us a “Mr. Bean” more real by showing us his emotions.

The man against the bee

Final considerations.

Times have changed since 1990 and humor is different, but the king of slapstick is back and in top form. I’ve had enough of laughing the 100 minutes that the series lasts. And isn’t that about it?

The man against the bee achieves with Rowan Atkinson and his body humor that we find the best comedy of 2022. And why not say it, with those cliffhangers that take the bee out of any danger, the best horror series of the year.

The man against the bee

Greetings and be happy.

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