The mediation between Patricia Bullrich and Alberto Fernández ended: “It was a parody, the President hid”

Alberto Fernández and the head of the PRO, Patricia Bullrich, crossed paths in a settlement hearing for a lawsuit that the President filed against the opposition leader, after she stated on television that the national government had tried to obtain a return to promote the arrival in Argentina of the coronavirus vaccine made by the Pfizer laboratory.

The two leaders, however, did not meet face to face, which caused the anger of Bullrich, who described the hearing as “a farce”. “It was a parody, the President hid. Unfortunately, I couldn’t say to his face what he wanted to tell him,” said the head of the PRO.

The hearing began at 12 noon at the headquarters of Civil Court 21, located at Talcahuano 490, and was summoned by Judge Luis Sáenzreported sources with access to the file.

The purpose of the President’s demand is for the former Security Minister of the government of Mauricio Macri to retract and assume that what he said was not anchored in true information or that he pay for his statements.

About, Bullrich confirmed that at the hearing he “ratified” his statements. The opinion that I gave in this regard is that the President of the Nation should have known that a fundamental contract was not signed for the Argentines. He should have known,” he said in statements outside the courthouse.

President Alberto Fernández upon arriving at the mediation with Patricia Bullrich, where they did not cross paths. Photo Mario Quinteros.

“That brought pain to Argentines. That is why today I wanted to be a channel of expression for all those who suffered from not having a vaccine on time,” the former Minister of Security completed.

Later, the opposition leader added some details of the failed meeting with the president: “When his lawyer arrived, I asked him why the President did not want to talk. He was locked in a small room alone, he did not want to cross me. I knew I was going to tell him all the truths and chose to stay hidden,” he said in dialogue with LN+.

And he added: “Then I went downstairs and stayed at the door for about 15 minutes, to see if he came out and could see him. But he didn’t show up either. That’s when I realized that if I stayed two hours, he stayed two hours.”

Regarding the lawsuit imposed by Fernández, he insisted: “It is inadmissible for the President to go to a hearing in which he accuses me of for 100 million pesos and does not appear, is not encouraged to be. That shows that he only has the courage to speak in front of a camera telling people with the finger what it can do and what it can’t.

On Monday, during a report in TN, Bullrich had already advanced that “he would not rectify” his statements. “I was the transmitter of what millions of Argentines would have told him: that as president he does not hire a vaccine that had it at a special price,” argued the former Minister of Security.

Also, considered that who should give explanations is the Argentine president. “He must explain why, not ignoring the situation, having received the president of Pfizer Argentina and Latin America, and knowing that his minister had the contract ready to sign, he did not do it.”

In support of Bullrich who was his second in the Ministry of Security, deputy Gerardo Milman, came out. “Today is the person responsible for not having brought the Pfizer vaccine so that thousands of Argentines are saved, @alferdez , with whom he denounced and tried to stop the tragic consequences of this criminal attitude, @PatoBullrich . You decide on whose side you are going to be “, he wrote on Twitter.

Last year, both parties had staged a preliminary mediation that did not reach any point of agreement, so Fernández, represented by the lawyer Gregorio Dalbón, sued Bullrich for 100 million pesos.

Mediation hearing between Alberto Fernández and Patricia Bullrich Photo Mario Quinteros

Mediation hearing between Alberto Fernández and Patricia Bullrich Photo Mario Quinteros

“The defamation in relation to the negotiations with the Pfizer laboratory vaccine enters the judicial stage. President Alberto Fernández will donate all the compensation to the Malbrán Institute as he already said,” Dalbón announced, last June, through a publication on his account. of the social network Twitter.

The conciliation of this Tuesday was different from the previous one since it was before the judge of the case and, if the defendant does not change his position, the case will be opened on trial, that is to say that it will begin to be investigated if indeed Bullrich defamed the head of Condition.

The former Minister of Security had assured in a television interview that the Government tried to place a “local partner” in the negotiations with Pfizer and assured that this meant the attempt to obtain a “return” in exchange for buying the vaccines made by that laboratory.

Bullrich’s statements were denied by the laboratory itself through a press release, first, and through its representatives in a public hearing held in the National Congress later.

Last June 8, the Pfizer laboratory denied in the Chamber of Deputies that there had been any “request for payment improper or existence of intermediaries” in the negotiations with the national government for the acquisition of vaccines against the coronavirus and ruled out having “interest” in natural assets or Central Bank reserves.

“At no time was there a request for improper payments or the existence of intermediaries,” Pfizer’s manager, Nicolás Vaquer, stated at the time, speaking at a briefing held in the Lower House, in which he also assured that the laboratory is doing ” the maximum effort to bring the vaccine to Argentina”.

At the time of the lawsuit, the Executive considered that Bullrich’s statements were “facts of institutional gravity”, because they implied sowing suspicion in the then already complicated negotiations to obtain vaccines against the coronavirus, in the midst of a pandemic.

The mediation between Patricia Bullrich and Alberto Fernández ended: “It was a parody, the President hid”