the moviola | Agent Fortune: The great deception. shaken and stirred


flawless parody jamesbondsescaAgent Fortune: The Big Hoax (Guy Ritchie, 2023), without being a formal spoof movie, has no reproaches or claims. It’s a goofy-to-the-simple genre comedy that finds a good footing in fast-paced gags, well-done but not excessive action scenes, and a slight metafiction of its leading stars.

The film, directed by Maddona’s ex-father, or what was the matter?, Guy Ritchie, takes in a humorous, even cheeky way, the premises of Hollywood action detective cinema, in its light, reganan version. It is a delight to the genre in its eighties tone, without becoming a formal spoof -parodic version-, but above all, it is sustained by the myth Bond in its characters and plot without becoming Austin Powers. At some point, he even takes credit for taking himself seriously without losing his tone.

In fact, Agent Fortuneis a succession of gags that weigh much more than the plot, which is basically a tribute to the genre with its characteristic unnecessary entanglement.

Come on, the matter revolves with diamonds are forever (Guy Hamilton, 1971), with a couple of terrorists who between what matter and not in the garlic, with Mission Impossible –Cruise’s version– and what any connoisseur of Bond imagine.

The entire acting cast is about to be taken lightly and even our friend Jason Statham, a half-baked Bruce Willis, who feels comfortable here enters the game. Even Hugh Grant, already with phlegmatic skins, although he does his number, convinces and is one of the best in the film.

Orson Fortune (Statham), is an effective and mythical freeloader agent who loves the good life, which Bond before the cute Craig –dixit, Arturo Pérez Reverte– obsessive and neurotic, lover of good wines, who has to be taken out of a clinic (that’s right, thunder ball and above all Never say never), to get into a matter of international arms trafficking, initially, which ends up involving a Hollywood superstar, Danny Francesco (Josh Hartnett, installed in Brad Pitt) and above all to a kind of blofeld the millionaire greg simmonds (Grant), but without a cat.

fortune weapon or rather they impose their equipment: JJ (the rapper Bugzy Malone, who seems to be in the cast to fulfill the gender quota, although they give him a good gag around there) and especially the agent Sarah (Aubrey Plaza), with whom fortune He maintains an extremely subtle sexual attraction, without ever reaching physical contact, due to the now censorious standards of the industry. That’s how it goes. At some point the play changes, but for this, in each scene there were jokes that go from the effective to the simple, and that way, they take effect.

Of course, a part of the story happens in Qatar, as every time there is a sporting event: the entertainment industry joins in promoting million-dollar tourism.

It is useless to dive beyond what the film is on the screen if, how to deny it, it is funny and lacks any kind of pretense. Ritchie has the luxury of being there and not being there, and that lightness is appreciated.

See it, have fun, then say that you didn’t see it and that you are for other things. But yeah, it’s a good time.

the moviola | Agent Fortune: The great deception. shaken and stirred