the moviola | Lessons for scoundrels: the fun of the cinephile drive


The national month begins (truly I tried not to enter with this common place, but it is irresistible), and the billboard has good options without having to have the air of Blockbuster. It is the case of lessons for scoundrels (Gustavo Moheno, 2022), and The mafia tailor (Graham Moore, 2022).

In the first case, we see a story that opts for moments of a subtle comedy, especially due to the tone of the characters, well defined and carried. They are all a kind of outsiders, who deep down seek redemption, fortunately never moralistic or politically correct.

After the death of her mother, the sweet teenager Jenny (Danae Reunaud), with an inheritance in the bank and about to enter university, decides to look for her father, who turns out to be a scoundrel nicknamed dirty barry (Joaquín Cossío), who maintains a relationship with Marisela (Diana Bovio), an accomplice in his misdeeds. Her astonished father realizes the girl’s ingenuity and prepares to give her an intensive sloppy workshop while teaching her the arts of her trade.

Father and daughter will recognize each other, much to their regret. In the background, the girl enjoys the atmosphere of fourth-class hotels and her father’s racetrack and Barrywithout renouncing its nature, it is discovered in master plan Jedi of rascality.

The script by Ángel Pulido (under the salt, wisp of mist), and Moheno himself (Even the wind is afraid, Eddy Reynolds and the Steel Angels) develops a simple story, pleasant for the viewer, above all funny and with very good moments – special mention deserves the scene of the fight in a bathroom, in full parodic enjoyment jamesbondesco to Royal Casinowith music by José José in the background between Barry and a Russian thug, what a detective villain canchanchán, both in attempts to drown in a toilet bowl like an intro scene to the 007. And it is that in the film the cinematographic references are constant, which proves the director’s vocation-cinephile obsession.

In lessons for scoundrels it follows the tradition of the picaresque of the characters in Mexican cinema, of which Cossío –on point, as always-, is a very good representative. The film has in the direction of actors one of its main pillars, in addition to a very good manufacturing in the production. Filmic impulse, cinephile vehicle that uses humor for the tropicalized reference and in a right way the genre of rogues with their own codes of conduct has characters without complexities but nuances that achieve empathy with the viewer.

The truth is that one has a good time, fun. The film can be enjoyed by a movie buff for its constant references or by a viewer who wants to have fun.

The Moheno-Pulido duo delivers a more than worthy work that dominates gender parody and maintains an empathic smile throughout the story.

lessons for scoundrels It is a film with an angel that deserves the viewer’s opportunity this weekend.

In short

Another very good option is The mafia tailor that above all, shines for a discreet mending of suspense cinema, full of subtleties and good moments, about a terse tailor who works despite himself for a group of gangsters. It is a work of trade that follows the canon of the genre and respects itself with dignity. It is worth it above all for its performances and manufacturing.

It may not be the best example of cinema with a mafia environment, but the small details, very careful in this work, make it a work of unquestionable dignity. Yes, a lover of the genre can enjoy it more, but the truth is that without great pretensions it is within the reach of the average viewer.

Well, that, with everything, is a good week of releases.

the moviola | Lessons for scoundrels: the fun of the cinephile drive