The neo Boskov star of the web that angers politicians

FlorenceOctober 23, 2015 – 10:54 am

An engineer who lives in Pisa, he has created a Twitter profile from which he updates the famous aphorisms of the Serbian coach. His outbursts, often in response to politicians, have gone viral: “Renzi also follows me, but I just want to make people laugh”

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Angela Merkel at the G8 table can arouse the same fear as Bayern Munich in the Champions League final. But for Vujadin Boskov the time has come for the city to compete on the big stages: «Fiorentino Renzi has come to talk to the greats of Europe, next year the Fiorentina team can also do the same thing, I hope they don’t have the same problems with languages». It is also true that one must be careful of traps. In fact, he continues: «Città di Firenze did like Juventus: replaced the old winning coach Renzi with the new mister Nardella, but Allegri proved that more than one year you can’t live off the income».

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The Pisan Boskov star of the web

Web stars

All right, just kidding. Boskov left us a year and a half ago. But his jokes, the ingenious aphorisms that made him a successful character even outside the world of football, have become the common heritage of anyone who cultivates irony. And an anonymous Pisan has taken up his humorous legacy and made him – by updating the language – a character with an exceptional following on Twitter; one look at the ball, another at current events, and that’s it: «Florence Airport wants to compete with Pisa, but with its short runway I say it looks like Giovinco trying to mark Luca Toni from a corner kick». What he says in the cover image of his profile is really true: «A good mood is when mister tweets». And more and more think so, given that he has just passed the threshold of 55,500 followers. The unforgettable Serbian coach who led Sampdoria to the Scudetto was frank, direct, with a pointed irony and a surprising intelligence. He loved to talk about politics, as well as football, and he coined some phrases (in his improvised Italian he) that went down in history. From «Gullit is like a deer that comes out of the forest, but when it rains a deer doesn’t leave the forest» to the laconic «penalty is when the referee blows his whistle».

Passion for aphorism

This forty-year-old engineer from Pisa shares the passion for aphorism with the coach. But he has chosen to remain anonymous, despite his growing popularity. Or perhaps precisely for this reason: «I’m a reserved type, I don’t seek notoriety – he explains – they have offered me advertising campaigns but I have always refused. The Udinese sponsor even offered me a job with tweets but I don’t want to profit from this, which is just a game”. On July 2, 2013, the turning point. He writes: “If a man loves a woman more than cold beer in front of TV with the Champions League final, perhaps true love, but not a true man”. It’s his big bang in tweet format: «I had opened the account for a month, I was already hanging out on social networks, humor and satire forums; with that sentence I exceeded 5 thousand followers in a few hours ». From there “I armed myself with the patience to always stay alert on the topics of the day, to respond to the many requests, and I managed to combine my two passions: football and politics”.

The most famous tweets

Over time it has strung together increasingly successful tweets and retweets. And he has become the bete noire of Salvini, Gasparri and Formigoni, among his favorite targets. The last two have even banned him. When Salvini wrote that he had voted on a motion against gender theory in schools in Lombardy, Boskov replied: “And tomorrow you will also vote for the abolition of the Lochness monster?”. Lots of retweets. His jab on civil unions is also famous: «#familyday is as if fans of a team that plays with 4-4-2 go to the square to protest because other teams play with 4-3-3». But also the mockery of Pippo Civati: «A politician who calls a #possible party is like a president who founds a football team and calls #ForseCiSalviamo». He also has some for Renzi. But he shows he appreciates it. On the contrary, he “follows” it and often retweets it.

Inter supporter and supporter of Sampdoria

The Pisan Boskov tells himself: “I’m an Inter fan” but this “militancy” of his has led him “over time to also become a sympathizer of Sampdoria”. He also chose him because “the real Boskov would have had a great space on social media today, he had the right language”. The mockery of Gialappa’s entered the history of TV. He remembers him as “a person of exceptional common sense, with that unique way of speaking, which is also a way of being”. And above all a great lover of freedom: «he escaped from Tito’s Yugoslavia, he was involved during the war in the Balkans by sending funds to the population in difficulty. Surely today he would not be on Salvini’s side. He loved freedom of expression and the right to criticize ». Boskov today «would probably find it hard to get passionate about football with too much money and little group culture. Di Sousa might think he’s too stylish, but he’d love the way he plays Fiorentina. Balotelli would soft him with reproaches, while Borja Valero would always line him up». He had to create his own Boskovian language and psychology, «a bit like an actor who enters the character, creating a parody that was respectful of the original». And he applied it to public debate: «I am only interested in making people laugh, he was a master in creating imaginative and picturesque comparisons, it’s all about stimulating the imagination». The targets: «Salvini has enormous visibility and his tweets are super commented. I don’t take sides with a political party. But if a political figure says nonsense, Boskov’s common sense snaps at him. And Salvini shoots so many, it’s part of his way of doing politics, that it was inevitable. Salvini has never been angry with me, but many Northern League supporters have filled me with insults. Renzi? “It follows me, and I don’t know why.” He didn’t expect so much fame and success. “I certainly didn’t expect this phone call, for example.”

October 23, 2015 | 10:54


The neo Boskov star of the web that angers politicians