the PCT castigates the relentlessness against the Congolese leaders

Following the article recently published in the French newspaper “Liberation” splashing the CEO of the company Orion Oil, Lucien Ebata, and the Congolese authorities, the spokesman Parfait Romuald Iloki, the permanent secretariat of the political office of the Congolese Party Labor (PCT, ruling party), believes that this is a story fabricated from scratch by Congo’s detractors, with the aim of harming its authorities.

“These allegations, recognized as false, unworthy and disrespectful, were widely disseminated by the French newspaper “Liberation” in total disregard of the procedures in progress. The permanent secretariat of the political bureau notes the conspiratorial nature of this affair and the desire to smear the image of the chairman of the PCT Central Committee, comrade Denis Sassou N’Guesso,” the permanent secretariat said in its statement published on January 13. , in Brazzaville.

Perfect Romuald Iloki notes in this file, which he considers crude and empty for lack of tangible evidence, a “simple relentlessness of a foreign company which has been trying to destabilize African countries, especially those in Central Africa for twenty years already “.

In view of the “gratuitous” assertions skilfully orchestrated by these foreign lobbies, the PCT denounces with the greatest energy the “systematic denigration and contempt against African leaders”.

Consequently, Parfait Romuald Iloki urges the government to carry out more legal proceedings against the authors of this plot, with a view to putting a definitive end to these “schemes”.

He invites his militants and sympathizers, the presidential majority as well as the living forces of the nation to be vigilant.

In France, the newspaper Liberation published an article on investigations carried out in France concerning the oil trading company Orion Oil and its leader Lucien Ebata. Does it serve to siphon off the national oil company for the benefit of its leaders and those of the country? In any case, this is what the French investigators think, according to the daily. Lucien Ebata, also already implicated in the “Panama Papers” tax evasion scandal, was indicted in October 2021 by the national financial prosecutor’s office for “breach of the obligation to declare capital”, “laundering” and “active bribery”.

Following a large-scale investigation that began in 2012 when he was arrested at Roissy airport in possession of very large sums of undeclared money.

On RFI, the government denounces “a defamatory publication” and announces that the State will file a complaint.

Thierry Moungala, government spokesman, says he is dismayed by the violation of the foundations of the rule of law by certain French magistrates and journalists – the journalists say they have had access to documents relating to the investigation. He categorically rejects any link between the Head of State, Denis Sassou-N’Guesso, and this affair.

“From our government’s point of view, this is essentially an act of defamation, a defamatory publication,” said Thierry Moungalla, Minister of Communication and spokesman for the government of the Republic of Congo.

Jack de MAÏSSA / Les Echos du Congo-Brazzaville

the PCT castigates the relentlessness against the Congolese leaders