The “peace plan” of the German Left Party: imperialist warmongering under a pseudo

As NATO escalates its proxy war in Ukraine, Germany’s Left Party is desperately trying to portray itself as a party of ‘peace’ and ‘diplomacy’.

On the weekend of December 17-18, the party’s executive committee passed a resolution titled “Stop Arms Deliveries – Disarmament Instead of Escalation.” This calls for “a prospect of negotiations” and “de-escalation measures in the war in Ukraine”. On Monday, December 19, party co-leader Martin Schirdewan presented the so-called “peace plan” at a press conference. He asserted that it was above all a question of “preventing the suffering of the civilian population”.

Left Party co-chairman Martin Schirdewan at the party congress in Erfurt in June 2022 [Photo par Martin Heinlein/CC BY 2.0] [Photo by Martin Heinlein / CC BY 2.0]

In fact, this plan has absolutely nothing to do with “de-escalation,” saving lives, or even ending the war immediately. It essentially serves two purposes: first, it is intended to advance the interests of German imperialism. At the same time, the Left Party is trying to conceal its own support for the imperialist war offensive aimed at Russia and thus absorb the growing anti-war sentiment in the population, and divert it into safe channels. .

But, this project is doomed to failure. The warmongering of the party is far too visible. From the start, he attacked the Russian invasion – provoked by NATO, without being less reactionary for all that – from the right, that is to say from the point of view of imperialism, and he supported the NATO war.

The main representatives of the party, including the Minister-President of Thuringia Bodo Ramelow and the candidate for mayor of Berlin Klaus Lederer, openly advocate the delivery of arms to kyiv. At the party congress in Erfurt in mid-June, many speakers called for sanctions against Russia and arms deliveries to the Ukrainian army, which has many far-right forces.

On closer inspection, the current “peace plan” follows this same line. Its content corresponds to the essential war objective of the main NATO powers: to defeat Russia in Ukraine. The Left Party resolution states: “An end to the war by a complete military defeat of Russia is not to be expected in the short or medium term. Peace negotiations are therefore urgently needed, even if they will be very difficult”.

It is unambiguous: the negotiations proposed by the Left Party aim to impose on Russia the “victors’ peace” that NATO hopes for, but which is still far from being achieved militarily. The Left Party’s resolution effectively demands Russia’s complete surrender: “The Russian military” must “retreat to their (official) positions of February 23.” And “the ‘People’s Republics’ of Donetsk and Luhansk, which are contrary to international law, must be demilitarized for the duration of the peace negotiations”.

In return, the European powers would undertake to “lift all EU sanctions adopted after February 24”, continues the text. In addition, there should be a “mutual guarantee of non-use of nuclear weapons…as well as the exclusion of a military extension of the war to other countries by Russia and the non-entry of NATO into this war”.

The “peace plan” of the German Left Party: imperialist warmongering under a pseudo-pacifist guise