“The President: The Game of Corruption” returns with a second season and its author, Armando Bó, talks about this production

Oscar-winning writer Armando Bó (About Entertainment) returns to the series as showrunner and executive producer.

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The President: The Corruption Game” is by definition a satirical look behind the scenes of corruption in the world of football and also shows the origins of the transformation of FIFA, which went from being a simple organization to becoming a commercial and political power. For this production we had a conversation with the Oscar-winning director, Armando Bo, who not only serves as author but also as creator and producer of this series of Amazon Prime Video.

It is important to note that in this interview with Armando we find a man who is observant of his surroundings, owner of specific, fair words and criticisms of his work, always precise but talkative, entertaining and with a warm smile, this Oscar winner is not pretentious.

In the image Armando Bó appears together with the actor who gives life to Havelange. / Photo Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video

In the second season of “The President: The Game of Corruption” we have as president of FIFA Joao Havelange“the unlikely Brazilian who usurped power from the Europeans and maintained control of the organization for almost three decades,” Amazon Prime highlighted in its press release.

Amando Bó tells us that the story is narrated as a parody, all based on real events, but that in humor he found the perfect common thread with which he has not only managed to capture his audience but also critics.

We propose a world of absurdities, but at the same time hyper-realistic. The world of humor and satire put it in an entertaining place. Season two was a challenge, havelange it was a tragicomedy”, highlighted Bó. “We have a guy who had won everything and had come out as a football king.”

And it is that in effect, as Armando Bó tells us, “The President: The Corruption Game” has a high dose of humor and irony, under which it shows everything that Havelange possibly won and lost, what he stole and gambled, and how he supposedly turned the pretty game into a winning machine.

Armando Bó, for this second season served as showrunner and executive producer. / Photo Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video

Armando, its creator, insists on highlighting: “Humor is harder than drama. This is not a comedy, it is a parody. It’s all a big parody, but the series is as much about politics as it is about soccer. Today politics is handled like soccer and they go hand in hand at some point.”

The Argentine also recognizes that although the work has been worthwhile, it has not been easy either. The director accepts that having embarked on this project was as “having made four films at the same time”.

By highlighting the obvious, the fact that the series brings to life, once again, the FIFA scandals, we asked Bó if this had not brought him some kind of inconvenience and his answer became affirmative: “Yes, each has to take charge. We are telling a story that came out everywhere, we write based on facts written in the press and journalistic investigations… but the events are real, almost everything happened in a different way but it happened. There are not so many events that have not happened in the series”.

The cast of “El Presidente: The Corruption Game” also includes Anna Brewster, Carol Abras, Nelson Freitas, Polliana Aleixo, Isadora Ferrite, Leonardo Cidade, Leandro Firmino, Demétrio Nascimento Alves, Fabio Aste and Philippe Jacq. In the version dubbed into PortugueseFábio Porchat is the voice of the narrator.

“Jogo da Corrupção” is produced by Gaumont’s Latin American team, led by Christian Gabela; with the Oscar-winning company, Fábula, led by Pablo and Juan de Dios Larraín; and with Kapow, an Argentine production company led by Agustín Sacanell and Lucas Rainelli.

Prime Video subscribers can watch the first season of El Presidente, which was nominated for an International Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series, anywhere, anytime via the Prime Video app or on http://www.PrimeVideo.com.

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“The President: The Game of Corruption” returns with a second season and its author, Armando Bó, talks about this production