The promoter of the ‘hot’ university party in Seville: “Amazed that they are amazed, sex is something natural”

Business issue: the strategy designed by Jesús Carbajosa, promoter of the Occo nightclub events, object of controversy for his university party with sexual contenthas been a commercial success for him, as he recognized this Monday in the program Public mirror, who has dedicated an extensive report to the controversy that was echoed this past weekend

The promoter has not been surprised at all by the controversy, which he expected, and has highlighted that he has been in business for thirteen years – in the Occo and Río Terraza nightclub in Seville – and that the objective “is fun, we sell fun, but from respect”. As expected, he has received a barrage of requests to repeat the party, something he will do in the second quarter of the year, as he progresses.

“I am amazed that they are amazed, sex is something natural,” he says while talking to and filing in his smartphone the numerous memes that the controversy has generated, more positive than negative, because what he has been receiving in recent hours is support from the university public that comes to his premises. “People have taken it well and I’m glad,” says the Sevillian event promoter.

The Occo Club nightclub is fundamentally characterized by organizing events for the university public in Seville, with original proposals and professional entertainment hired for this purpose. Manuel Méndez, a young university student who attended this controversial party, has stated on the Antenna 3 that the show was something unexpected when it got there and he sees the scandal that has been set up as excessive. “It was already warned in the poster of the party that we could expect everything at that moment”, he points out. “The situation was funny, not going too far. I don’t think the scandal that is taking place is a big deal either.”

Jesús Carbajosa explains that the strippers who intervened were “hired professionals, we have previously reported everything, designed for all types of sexual orientations with erotic content, but without explicit sex.”

The event promoter Jesús Carbajosa. ASSIGNED
The event promoter Jesús Carbajosa. ASSIGNED

Why do you dedicate yourself to the university world?

Because it is one of the audiences that goes out the most and then, because the concept of flirting is deeply rooted, especially in that age group: they want to go out, they want to meet people, they want to flirt, they want to enjoy themselves, they want to dance, they want to sing and I know I give it, of course. We are dedicated to having fun and seeing what the students demand.

‘Xoxo’ party at Occo Sevilla.

How are the rest of the parties and events?

They are more normal parties than this last one because we have had an avalanche of demands to repeat the party and we will do it, but in the second quarter, we do not burn any product but it is about living a different experience every week. On Thursdays we normally have agreements with different faculties and campuses, and every Thursday we have a parody because in the end we make a parody of everything. Let’s see, I knew that, obviously, this event was going to be discussed. In fact, in the end it’s part of the marketing, I knew I was going to get some criticism, well, but it’s normal, first because it’s content that gives more to talk about and then because any event we do never rains to everyone’s liking. We have an event in two weeks that is half-tag and we get some criticism because not everyone wants to go half-tag.

“In two weeks we have an event that is half tag and we get some criticism because not everyone wants to go half tag”

Aren’t they drinks and music?

We take Thursdays and Fridays, and yes, we do a stronger production of the event; in the end it’s not just selling drinks and music, but selling an experience

The erotic university event generated many memes on the networks.
The erotic university event generated many memes on social networks.

Reactions for all tastes?

We have had many memes everywhere, but well the only thing that amazes me is that there is so much amazement because, in the end, we are talking about something normal, sex is something natural, but in the society that we have there is always a double standard. We talk about the freedom to normalize everything, and all kinds of sexual orientations. In fact, there are much stronger events, even well-known erotic circuses, and the only thing that has surprised me so much is amazement. In the end, I think the repercussion has been very positive, although there have been criticisms, but in general the result is beneficial.

The promoter of the ‘hot’ university party in Seville: “Amazed that they are amazed, sex is something natural”