The racist motive behind the rue d’Enghien killings

Three days later, the circumstances of the massacre in the rue d’Enghienwhich left the Kurdish community and the 10e arrondissement of Paris in a state of shock, become clearer. A long press release from the prosecution, published on Sunday, December 25, made it possible to learn more about the course of the facts and the motivations of the alleged killer, William M., a 69-year-old retired train driver and moved. he said in police custody, by a “hatred of foreigners has become completely pathological”.

Friday, December 23 early in the morning, William M. first went to Saint-Denis (Seine Saint-Denis) armed with a Colt 45 automatic pistol of 11-43 caliber and ammunition with the aim of killing as many foreigners as possible. “On the spot, he finally gives up taking action, given the few people present and because of his clothing preventing him from reloading his weapon easily”writes the public prosecutor, Laure Beccuau.

He then returned to his parents’ home in the 10e district of Paris, near the rue d’Enghien. He then goes on foot to the Ahmet-Kaya cultural center, which houses the Kurdish Democratic Center of France (CDKF), the main representative body of the Kurds in France, close to the PKK, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party at war with the State. Turkish. He opens fire successively on a woman and two men in front of the center. Two die instantly, a third victim takes refuge in a Kurdish restaurant on the sidewalk opposite. She will die in hospital.

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Then, the killer walks 150 meters to a Kurdish hairdresser where he wounds three men. Controlled and disarmed by one of the victims, he was arrested by the police at 11:40 a.m. in possession of four magazines containing fourteen rounds of ammunition and a box of twenty-five bullets. He stated in police custody that he had intended to use all his ammunition before committing suicide in order to“carry his enemies to the grave”all the “non-European foreigners” being his enemies. This is the only regret he expressed. Five of the six victims are of Turkish nationality, the sixth is French.

The alleged killer has a busy legal history

William M. explained to the investigators of the crime squad that he resents “to all migrants” and more particularly to the Kurds for having “made up of prisoners during their fight against Daesh [acronyme arabe de l’organisation Etat islamique, EI] instead of killing themsays the floor.

The custody of the man, who describes himself as ” depressive “ and “suicidal”was lifted on Saturday evening “for incompatibility of his state of health”. William M. was sent to the psychiatric infirmary of the Paris Police Prefecture before returning to police custody on Sunday evening. He was to be presented to an examining magistrate on Monday for his indictment.

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The racist motive behind the rue d’Enghien killings