The secret story of Raquel Revuelta in ‘Homo Zapping’

José Corbacho already had a long theatrical career and glimpsed the cinema when he was one of the most restless names of Andreu Buenafuentel’s production company, El Terrat. After saying goodbye to the year on Telemadrid with a comedy special in which television was parodied through the Zap Zap format on Canal +, the idea caught on further and in 2003 it became Homo Zapping, sketches of just 30 interchangeable seconds on the TV program of that time. A format for Antena 3 where the script gave free rein to improvisation. Incidentally, it served as self-promotion and a reason to make fun of the competition.

The Sevillian actor Paco León, who had appeared in different Canal Sur promos contributing his vision of humor that he transmitted in his monologues, was part of that Homo Zapping team where he was also discovered Silvia Abril, future Girl of Shrek in Buenafuente (the presenter and his strange guest would end up as a couple), David Fernández, the Eurovisionist Chikilicuatre, or Yolanda Ramos.

León came from a comedy by El Terrat for Telecinco, Moncloa, tell me? caricature of the plumbing of the president’s cabinet, with Javier Veiga, and where the Andalusian actor played the team’s most erudite and calculating adviser, thus breaking stereotypes. The audience ratings of that Moncloa, tell me? would have been amazing today.

The series for Sunday night on Telecinco ended but Paco León stayed on El Terrat giving free rein to imitations and characters. His improvisation exercise at the now-defunct Seville Theater Institute helped him stand out in this chameleonic work.

One of his parodied characters in high school was a archetypal Sevillian model, “coñona”, so cool at first sight as it really was, and that could become a transcript of Raquel Revuelta, who promoted cinema in microspaces on Antena 3. “That’s for me,” Paco León appropriated with all intent. He was going to appear as the slender Raquel Revuelta in a couple of zaps. But immediately the languid presenter became one of the axes of Homo Zapping.

Paco León also imitated Matías Prats or with Yolanda Ramos they became a dog couple in Patricia’s diary, the Rube and the Jessi. But Raquel Revuelta is here to stay and with her her twin sister, Anne Igartiburu.

Even the Sevillian model and presenter herself had to surrender to the evidence and went to homo zapping to ‘face’ his mirror. She took it with sportsmanship, there was no other.

Paco León could stick to a script but due to vision problems he put aside the teleprompter and left the presentation of the film to improvisation, as he has said in Herrera at COPE this Friday the actor himself with the presentation of the latest film in which he stars, don’t look in the eyes.

That improvisation was part of the success of Raquel de homo zapping that extended throughout the trajectory of the Sevillian in this comedy program. A year and a half after starting with the zapping he signed for the competition, he returned to Telecinco to be the brother of Aida, the Luisma, and it has finished hatching. He initially alternated with homo zapping but he had to focus on the Globomedia project, which lasted ten years, putting himself in the foreground that he has not abandoned. He returned to Moncloa at night, tell me? it hadn’t worked. He returned to Telecinco after having made the whole of Spain laugh with his ‘Raquel’ and the unspeakable descriptions of her best-known films.

The secret story of Raquel Revuelta in ‘Homo Zapping’