The Simpsons: Which character has the most deaths in the Halloween specials?

Halloween specials have always been non-canon, allowing for a lot of crazy stuff and brutally getting rid of some Simpsons characters.

Annual Halloween specials ‘The Simpson’ they’ve always been non-canon, though some had technical ties to the more grounded regular continuity, allowing all sorts of supernatural and sci-fi elements to invade the series without restriction.

This also means that the shorts take a much more liberal approach to mortality, casually killing off many central characters and quickly bringing them back for the next segment of the special.

Even in the sixth season special they even make fun of this concept, killing Groundskeeper Willie the same way, with an ax to the back, in all three segments of said simpsons halloween special.

With over thirty Halloween anthologies it has meant that many characters have been killed off in many ways. There are certain segments of some special that have destroyed the city or even the entire world, presumably killing the entire extensive cast of the series.

The deaths of The Simpsons in the Halloween specials

However, despite the deaths, here’s a breakdown of the biggest casualties of the specials:

How The Simpsons come to an end

As central characters in the series, and often the focus of the specials, the Simpson family have one of the highest death counts of the specials. As a baby, it makes sense that Maggie has the fewest deaths in the family, but she has still died 12 times. Marge has died a few more times, for a total of 15.

Both usually die with the whole family, but Marge has also died twice by her own hand. Lisa has 21 kills, largely stemming from the Russian Doll parody. Bart also has a similar tally, with 26 deaths, thanks to his multiple deaths at the hands of Sideshow Bob in season 27.

By far the family member with the most deaths is Homer Simpson. As the series’ main character and biggest punching bag, Homer is an ideal target in these episodes.
His jester character in general also means that he can die in particularly gruesome ways, meaning that compared to his family, Homer has died 36 times.

This doesn’t include the numerous clones of Homer who die in season 14’s “Send in the Clones,” which would have placed well in the triple digits. However, the clones are treated as separate entities.

As the rest of Springfield dies

The Simpsons - Halloween

Even though the characters in Springfield Elementary School are typically boys, this doesn’t exempt them from having some outrageously high kill counts. Bart’s usual bullies have died several times, especially Jimbo, who has died 12 times in all episodes, in one of the scariest segments of the series.

Ralph has died 13 times, often comically. Milhouse, on the other hand, has died a total of 13 times in a usually more brutal way. The most recurring child victim is actually Nelson, who has died 17 times.

The Simpsons - Halloween

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The Simpsons: Which character has the most deaths in the Halloween specials?