The Three Sad Tigers make timeless humor

The Three Sad Tigers enjoy making everyone laugh, and throughout their 13-year career they have seen ways to do so evolve. In a chat with The Sun of Mexicothey detailed that their entire environment feeds that hunger they have to get laughter wholesale.

“Things that make people laugh on social networks are different, memes, the format of short clips, the way of making people laugh changes, but the base or core of humor will always be the same,” said Pedro Palacios, a member of the trio.

The musician and comedian stressed that since its inception in 2009, they have maintained a respectful line with the public, since their intention is that everyone can enjoy it, and they would like it to last for a long time.

“We keep a simple humor, which can be laughable in these times, as it was 50 years ago, hopefully it will be like that in many years. It does not have an expiration date, that is what I like to think, we keep that line that we put on, we make a show that is not so outdated, it is calm, our line is not to be offensive.

Despite having started in 2009, his rise to fame came in 2013 when his parody of the song went viral on YouTube. My new houseof Los Invasores de Nuevo León, under the title of my new accountwhich narrates the tragedy of a failed love.

That work opened the doors for them to tour around the country and, later, in the United States. Currently on this platform they have 2.5 million subscribers and exceed 600 million views.

In the rest of the social networks they have also stood out, adding more than nine million followers on Facebook, 580 thousand on Instagram, 127 thousand on Twitter and 334 thousand on TikTok. The three agreed that the most pleasing thing about reaching so many people has been contributing to the slogan of smiling every day to stay healthy.

“That is even for health, people need it, and we must have that criterion to laugh at everything, and without being offended by anything. We create humor, we always work based on that, laughter is something we need”, said Erick Ibarra.

To date, they have presented four live shows: Working big, Create fame and laugh, Méxicomedia and No concert. During these tours they assure that the good humor does not stop, because they are constantly laughing together.

“We practice it here internally, we make humor out of our day-to-day, of what happens to us, and the fact of having that opening for humor gives us the opportunity to make this show. It is more than proven that laughter is therapeutic, that is why we love our work”, said Pedro.

They experiment with religious humor

They currently present the show Risa de cuerpo presente, which premiered at the Teatro de la Ciudad Esperanza Iris and with which they make a parody of the ritual of the mass.

“The idea arose from a fragment of the previous show, which we toured a few years ago, we were talking about what would happen if the church was updated and the confessions were now on social networks. We saw that people laughed a lot”, explained Pedro.

Before having a final version, they invited several groups of people, among whom were people very attached to religion, to witness it and offer a hilarious script.

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“Both the most religious aunts, as well as a priest, were our litmus test to find out if it was accepted and approved. All is well with the show, we want to invite all the people to go and laugh”, Jesús Gallardo concluded.

Risa de cuerpo presente is presented on November 12 in Monterrey, on the 18 in Aguascalientes, on the 19 in Zacatecas, and on November 25 in Pachuca. Check schedules on its official website.

The Three Sad Tigers make timeless humor