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tribune of emotion the return this Thursday, November 24 for the seventeenth Correctional Chamber of the Paris court. Called to the bar to defend her complaint for public insult of a sexist nature against the blogger Vincent Pousson (absent), the Belgian wine merchant Sandrine Goeyvaerts cannot suppress the tears: “I am confined to this case. I would like to be able to talk about my job before talking about his insults » to the wine professionals she says she meets. Studying remarks made at the end of 2020 in the context of virulent debates on the caricature of number 21 of the quarterly In Magnum (where a sales agent enticed a wine merchant: “When ordering a pallet I remove the top, and when ordering a container…”), the court dissects a series of numerical clashes between the defenders of this drawing (having led on another subject to the acquittal of the director of publication before this same court last year) and whistleblowers of an expression in the wine sector of Sexist and Sexual Violence (VSS).

This last position was that of the chronicle “Cyberbullying, insults: the world of wine is not spared“Written by Sandrine Goeyvaerts and published on the website of the Belgian Radio Television of the French Community (RTBF). Quoting the post”Busty wines” by Vincent Pousson, Sandrine Goeyvaerts writes that “Some men still allow themselves to write such articles, reflecting their vision of women: there can only be two types of women, a seller of priced love or brainless guns. “There are hundreds of blonde whores in the Mondovino,” writes the same blogger casually. » A frontal attack for Vincent Pousson, who posts December 19 on his account Facebook a photo of Sandrine Goeyvaerts in a swimsuit declaring “that a Belgian shrew publicly give me lessons in elegance, love of women, youth, possibly wine [et] the poissarde has found nothing better than to instruct a greasy Stalino-Mélenchonist trial for sexism. »

fishy shrew

In the complaint, these are the words of “hag” and of “poison” who are precisely prosecuted indicates the president of the court, who raises other more direct remarks. As in a response to the comment by Belgian sommelier Éric Boschman. The latter warns him that “You take the risk of being nailed to the Tweebunal pillory by some of your wine merchant “friends”, Vincent Pousson answering “Eric, the greasy Tweebunal of the poissardes, I bugger him dry, with gravel and Espelette pepper”. Noting a set of “publications with a very pejorative view of women”the public prosecutor requests the conviction of Vincent Pousson for “offensive language [contre Sandrine Goeyvaerts] because of his sex”. And to add that “In an article Sandrine Goeyvaerts had the courage to denounce sexism in the wine industry, but without a personal attack from Vincent Pousson”.

Defending Vincent Pousson (“working in a restaurant-cellar near Carcassonne”), master Hélène Simon-Grassa confirms that “the fight for the place of women must be waged in all walks of life” and pleads for another vision of his client: “Vincent Pousson rebels against all forms of extremism” and is found “stigmatized as a sexist old white male”. If the Toulouse lawyer confuses the old parody site Land of Vinasse with a real interview with Sandrine Goeyvaerts, she returns to the etymology of shrew (ancient divinity pursuing criminals) and poissarde (linked to the vulgarity of the people) to disqualify the qualification of sexism (and to speak of character). Hélène Simon-Grassa also indicates that Vincent Pousson responded to a provocation with defamation (the blogger writing that the sommelier “repumps press kits to cause roteuses in ‘Elle'”).

Civil party

“Jurisprudence only takes into account the common image understood by the reader”, “provocation requires concomitance over time” and “there is no defamation, it is his freedom [de Vincent Pousson] not to love his time” replies Éric Morain, who ticks on the term of “epiphenomenon” used by Vincent Pousson. For the Parisian lawyer, the latter “does not like his era. It is his right and his freedom.but “He just has the right not to be offensive” continues Éric Morain, for whom “Vincent Pousson is a bit of an annoying uncle at the end of the evening, a bit sexist because ‘we can’t say anything more'”. Having asked RTBF for Sandrine Goeyvaerts’ article to be withdrawn, Vincent Pousson also received a dismissal from the legal department of Belgian radio and television, inviting him “to apply to himself what he asks of others” based on the Facebook post with the photo of Sandrine Goeyvaerts. Absent from the whole procedure, Vincent Pousson could not defend himself directly.

Having launched his blog in 2012, the Pinardotheque (now inactive), and created the association Women Do Wine in 2017* (“I am a feminist activist”), Sandrine Goeyvaerts explains that she is “used to” to receive many offensive comments as soon as she takes “stand for women”. In this case, the sommelier explains that she filed a complaint because the messages received were not posted by a “anonymous troll pack”but by personalities from the wine sector: “I try to change the world of wine, which is like most of society”adding “It is not the effect of a person, but an installed system. There is interest in making it better known to fight against it. When I quote it [Vincent Pousson] there is no moral judgment, it is up to the reader to make up their own mind. » Claiming to be personally affected by this case, Sandrine Goeyvaerts indicates that her case is far from isolated: “I am not the only one to suffer [le sexisme] in the world of wine, which is the professional sphere that I occupy”. For the sommelier, “all I want is to be able to speak without insults and being respected as a woman of wine”.

The deliberation is set for Wednesday, January 25, 2023.

*: Sandrine Goeyvaerts indicates having written 5 books, 84 files and articles for She at the table.

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