The ugliest fashion of Christmas

Far from the pomposity, glitter and glamor that accompany the last night of the year, Christmas Eve and Christmas It is common to spend them with the family and with the comfort of much more homemade looks. To that equation have been added in recent years some sweaters that we would have rejected at any time in our childhood or adolescence. Their name is already indicative of the little consideration we had for them a short time ago: “ugly sweaters”.

The tradition, like almost everything we do now at Christmas, comes from the United States and Canada and they have instilled it in us through movies and social networks. Today there are many of us who opt for our Christmas dinners for pajamas and “ugly” sweaters.

From the University to the world

Today, the 16th, is celebrated National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day; that is to say, the day of dressing with the most ornate jersey of prints, balls and tinsel that you can. It is celebrated on the third Friday of December and on that day, companies and, in general, a large part of society take out their most striking garment in a tradition that is now 11 years old and little by little has been conquering even the areas where They send the suit and tie.

It all started with a group of students from the University of San Diego (California). In 2011 they were encouraged to create a web page as a parody compiling the most bizarre Christmas designs that American stores offered at that time. It didn’t take them long to achieve overwhelming success with their proposal. So much so that even the presenters of the main chains were encouraged to wear the most ridiculous sweaters.

Before, various audiovisual icons we had been taught all this as “anti-trend”. This is the case of Bill Cosby and his television trail in the 80s and 90s. Or Bridget Jones, who also signed up for “ugly sweaters” in the first volume of the saga, although not with much enthusiasm.

The most “ugly” afternoon

In Spain, the “ugly” sweaters They do not have a specific day and can be seen throughout the month of December. There are many companies that have adopted a date in which the most animated employees go to their workplace with the most ridiculous finery. Others do it privately.

But it is, without a doubt, the whole day of Christmas Eve when the Christmas sweaters reach their splendor. It is common for gangs of friends to get together on the afternoon of the 24th to share an afternoon of conviviality before family dinners and more and more are signing up to attend the event wearing sweaters full of Christmas motifs that are increasingly becoming more technological incorporating lights and even sounds.

The requirements

National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day was born with a series of rules that, of course, you can adapt to your life, but that make the trend a mass phenomenon.

First, the ugliest win. There are few brands -both luxury and urban fashion- that have managed to resist the trend of Christmas sweaters. Reindeer, elves, snowmen, colored lights… Any reason is worth wearing clothes that fill you with the spirit of these holidays. If what you want is for your proposal to stand out, the promoters of this fashion point out that the more ridiculous and outlandish your garment is, the more you will have conquered the day of the “ugly” sweaters.

And don’t do it just for the photo. The Christmas sweater is for the whole day, from morning to night.

The ugliest fashion of Christmas