The victims of sexism in France

Cross-sectional approach from the procedures recorded by the security forces in 2020 and the Living environment and security survey


Summary :

According to the nomenclature established for the needs of the High Council for Equality (HCE), 229,000 people were recorded in 2020 as victims of sexist offenses by the national police and gendarmerie, a figure up 8% compared to 2019. and 4% taking only the acts committed over the year. This development is in line with the trends observed following the #Metoo movement to free speech for victims of sexual violence. It also intervenes following the implementation of the first measures driven by the Grenelle of domestic violence in terms of reception of victims in the security services. The vast majority of victims of sexism are women (86% of victims, or 197,000) and 16% are minors. These are mainly offenses committed in the marital setting (71% of registered victims, i.e. 163,000 of whom 87% are women) and, to a lesser extent, sexual offenses outside the marital setting (28% of registered victims , i.e. 65,000, 85% of whom are women).

The rate of women aged 15 to 64 who are victims of domestic violence recorded by the security forces is over 8 per 1,000 in 10 departments, including Seine-Saint-Denis, which has the highest rate (10.6 per 1,000), and three overseas departments and regions (Guyana, Guadeloupe and Réunion).

The rate of victims of non-marital sexual violence recorded by the security forces averages 0.9 per 1,000 inhabitants. It is in Guyana that it is highest, with Paris coming in second place.

According to this same nomenclature, 145,000 people were implicated for sexist crimes or offenses in 2020, almost exclusively men (90%). 77% of these presumed perpetrators are for offenses committed within the marital setting (111,000 of which 88% are men) and 23% for sexual offenses outside the marital setting (33,000 of which 96% are men). Of the men implicated in sexual offenses outside the marital setting, 26% are minors.

According to victimization surveys Living environment and safety (CVS), over the period 2011-2018, between 2% and 16% of people aged 18 to 75, who claim to be victims of sexist acts, lodge a complaint with the security services, this proportion varying according to the type of acts. In 2018, outside the marital context, 1.6 million people (including 89% women) declared having suffered sexist insults, 112,000 (including 91% women) sexist threats and 29,000 (including 81 % of women) gender-based physical violence. The same year, among 18-75 year olds, 245,000 people (70% of whom are women) said they had suffered physical or sexual violence from a spouse or ex-spouse, while 1.1 million women and 300,000 men have suffered at least one type of sexual abuse outside the marital setting (sexual exhibition, sexual assault, rape or attempted rape).

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The victims of sexism in France – Interstats Analysis N°40