The videos that all modern mothers should watch before picking up the children from daycare

The education of the little ones begins, of course, in the homes. Families (fathers, mothers, grandparents, uncles…) are in charge of transmitting the values ​​and care from the cradle until they are old enough to go to the nursery, the first incursion in which the little one spends time out of the nest.

Just like the saying ‘each little teacher has his own booklet’, in each house each family, in addition to doing the best it can, follows one method or another when it comes to educating their children. Customs, food, care and particular menus. When arriving at the nursery, sometimes a conflict is created with this. To call it something, the attention that the little one receives at home is reduced in part by mathematical logic: a class has several children and one or two monitors; which does not mean that the care received is few or precarious. Simply, the little ones do not have someone at their disposal full time as it happens at home.

On this parodies the actress Nuria Casas (@nuriacasasc on Instagram) in one of the latest videos that has taken quite a few laughs at social media users. And it is that this mother and comic influencer It hits the nail on the head, making many mothers see themselves recognized in their recording. If she already made us laugh with the difference between the teachers of today and those of the past correctingFollowing this line, he returns with a video in which he emulates a mother picking up her son from the nursery.

«How many tablespoons of yogurt has he eaten?», he begins by asking the nursery monitor. And despite the fact that she seems to be quite a professional and she takes them to a few, her mother answers: “Ten are few!” The parody continues with one of the most controversial topics of the first years of motherhood, breastfeeding: «Has he drunk all the milk from my breast that I have given you?have you given it all to him apart from the food that he had to eat?».

Nuria does not stitch without a thread and does not leave behind any of the issues with which these mothers of today ‘pelt’ the monitors with when they come to pick up the little ones: food, sleep, stains on clothes, the blows, the number of poops in the diaper… Reconciling is not easy for anyone.

“Do you have a photo of the poop you’ve made?”, like other videos that Nuria has published, and that have been very successful on social networks, in this one, the actress superlatively exaggerates the concern and demands of today’s mothers. To then compare again with those of a few years ago in which, according to his parody, it only mattered that the child was alive.

As previously stated, reconciling is not easy for anyone, and for this reason the service offered by nurseries is vital, although for this, it is also paid. This time is not mandatory, but it is necessary for the rhythm of today’s families to continue, since both parents need to go to work every morning.

On this you have also shared a video of another of the familiar faces that make us smile on social networks with their mood pills: Ana from El show de Briten (@elshowdebriten on Instagram). In this case, Ana plays a somewhat irascible mother because of the situation she has. trying to deal between his family and work.

With a style that already characterizes her, the influencer begins with a key phrase that hooks everyone who comes across the parody: «The nursery is the place where you pay 600 euros for your child to sing».

The publication from Madrid, which is already known on social networks such as Instagram for the number of parodies she publishes on all kinds of topics, treasures more than 20,000 likes. And, despite the fact that in the case of both comics, it is ahead that what they do is humor and therefore they exaggerate their characterization, the two receive comments from people who don’t get the joke. However, there are a majority of those who applaud this way of parodying reality and making an effort, in addition to earning money, to make others smile.

«As an early childhood educator/biologist who experiments with your daughter, the problem is in that apiretal that the ‘gremlins’ take before leaving home to spend the day in the ‘infinite iscuili” and they infect us all. Biologists included! How well you have explained it, it is as it is, “says Eva (@eva_81 on the social network). “Seriously, doesn’t anyone realize they’re doing humor? I do not see that he belittles the profession of child educator, he is making ironies, “adds Ana Sánchez (@asamaest on Instagram).

The videos that all modern mothers should watch before picking up the children from daycare