The viral video that sums up the World Cup in Qatar

This Sunday, Argentina became World Cup champion in Qatar after defeating France, in what is considered by many to be the best final in the history of the tournament. Those led by Lionel Scaloni beat the French on penalties, after finishing the 120 minutes with a vibrant 3-3. And now that the World Cup is over, it went viral uA summary of everything that happened in the 29 days of competition: of Qatar-Ecuador that opened the tournament to the third star for the Argentine National Team.

Lionel Messi lifted the World Cup as captain.  (Photo: AP)Lionel Messi lifted the World Cup as captain. (Photo: AP)

The video begins with a Qatari player welcoming the 32 qualified countries to a mansion, but is immediately pushed out of the house by Enner Valencia, who in turn was pushed by Kalidou Koulibaly.Senegalese player who scored the goal that left the Ecuadorians out of the World Cup.

One of the moments that generated the most discussion was that of Cristiano Ronaldo’s supposed goal against Uruguay, since many fans of the Portuguese assured that he touched the ball with his head, but finally Bruno Fernandes was the one who converted the goal. In the animation you can see how CR7 was looking for a way to get the goal awarded and finally broke a monitor.

Qatar 202219-12-2022

The viral video with the summary of the World Cup.

The Selection of Uruguay appears for the elimination in the group stage. You can see Luis Suárez crying for being left out of the tournament and the Ghanaian players celebrating South Korea’s pass to the round of 16. An African soccer player collects Lucho’s tears with a test tube and drinks them.

the quarterfinals

As for the direct elimination rounds, the moments of Argentina vs. the Netherlands and Brazil vs. Croatia stand out. In the duel between the Albiceleste and the Clockwork Orange, they focused on the confrontations between the players, with the referee Mateu Lahoz unable to control the situation and finally the Argentines dancing on top of the Dutch and Lionel Messi shouting the iconic phrase “Qué Mirás Bobo ” a.. Cristiano Ronaldo!. The elimination of Brazil was recreated with Luka Modric disconnecting the speakers with the music that the Brazilians danced with his coach, Tite. They also included the celebration of Kylian Mabppé after Harry Kane’s missed penalty.

Argentina vs. the Netherlands was a game with several crosses between players.  (Photo: AP)Argentina vs. the Netherlands was a game with several crosses between players. (Photo: AP)

the semifinals

For the semifinals, They chose to represent Messi’s great play against Josko Gvardiol, Croatian defender, who ended in Julián Álvarez’s 3-0 draw and the European player scattered by the Argentine 10. This was one of the highlights of the World Cup. From France vs Morocco they included the good relationship between Mbappé and Achraf Hakimi.

Messi's play against Croatia.  AFP / agenciesMessi’s play against Croatia. AFP / agencies

the grand finale

From the final between the Albiceleste and Les Bleus, they recreated the duel between Messi and Mbappé with their dispute over who would get the cup. In the last seconds of the video Messi is seen together with Emiliano Martínez with their individual awards and the Argentine 10 being raised by Sergio Agüero, an image that traveled the world due to its similarity to that of Diego Armando Maradona in Mexico 1986..

Messi, raised, with the trophy (Photo: Fernando de la Orden / Special Envoy)Messi, raised, with the trophy (Photo: Fernando de la Orden / Special Envoy)

The viral video that sums up the World Cup in Qatar