With more than 50 years dedicated to writing, Javier Marias He died today at the age of 70 from a complication of a lung condition that he suffered

The writer, one of the essential and most prestigious names in contemporary literature in Spanish, was a regular on the lists of candidates for the Nobel Prize for Literature every year and his work received various awards.

With recognitions such as the Nelly Sachs, Alessio, José Donoso, Nonino, Terenci Moix, Bottari Lattes Grinzane, City of Barcelona, ​​Formentor and Herralde awards, he was listed as a finalist for the Médicis.

The Javier Marias books They not only bear witness to contemporary Spain, the author also explored his different passions, among which was his love for soccer.

Next we share The list of books whose reading will bring you closer to one of the most important authors of the 20th and 21st century Spain.

The writer was the author of dozens of books and newspaper articles. Photo: Penguin Random House

The-List of books by Javier Marías


the sentimental man

According to the author, this is a love story in which love is not seen or lived, but is announced and remembered.

The opera singer León de Nápoles tells his story that happened during a visit to Madrid to rehearse the Othello of Verdi. The characters are the mysterious and melancholic Natalia Manur and her husband, the banker Manur, and the imperturbable Mr. Dato, a companion by profession. Other secondary actors move around him: a hasty prostitute, an old glory of the operatic scene, a meticulous widower, an old love, among others.

Thanks to this novel, the writer won the Herralde Prize and the Ennio Flaiano Prize in 2000.

The-Book List of Javier Marías - el_hombre_sentimental_javier_marias
“El hombre sentimental” gave Javier Marías the Herralde Award. Photo: Penguin Random House


all the souls

This book by Javier Marías tells the story of the narrator’s years at Oxford University. At that time lived his married mistress, Clare Bayes; the friend Cromer-Blake, the retired professor Toby Rylands, the marauder Alan Marriott, and many others.

It is a world of secrets and intrigues, of ceremonious rites and crazy dinners, of hidden pasts and sickly present, where the narrator weaves his own story with that of the inhabitants of the city “preserved in syrup”, until discovering that elements as disparate as a railway bridge over a river in India or unhappy lovers will become part of your life.

Thanks to this book he won the City of Barcelona award and was a finalist for the Médicis, and made it to the big screen under the title of The Last Voyage of Robert Rylands.

The-List of Javier Marías's books - all_the_souls_books_of_javier_marias_
Thanks to “All souls”, Javier Marías was a finalist for the Médicis award. Photo: Penguin Random House


The domains of the wolf

This is the first book that Javier Marías published and that came out in 1971 under the sponsorship of John Benetan author for whom the author felt veneration at 19 years of age.

It is a work that, through parody, renders a tribute to the golden years of Hollywood. It narrates a series of adventures that range from crime novels to melodrama, from police intrigue to gangster fights or exoticism and tradition.

The-Book List of Javier Marías - los_dominios_del_Lobo_javier_marias
In “The Domain of the Wolf” the author paid homage to the golden years of Hollywood. Photo: Penguin Random House.


black back of time

Javier Marias published black back of timea book in which he took his creative liberties to explore his interest in the boundaries of real life and fiction.

According to the author, it was in this work, as in The domains of the wolfwhere he felt more free and flexible, in addition to being the ones where he dared and stripped more of the “servitudes to the genre in its conventional and orthodox aspect”.

black back of time it offers the unexpected reverse of what happens, the social substratum of the novel, the light out of time, where what has already ceased endures”, Juan Villoro wrote about this novel.

The-Book List of Javier Marías - black_back_of_time_books_javier_marias
“Black back of time” is one of the books by Javier Marías. Photo: Penguin Random House


heart so white

This work heads the books by Javier Marías after the critics considered that it marks a “before and after” in the author’s life and the way he lived the books.

Even to the author the survival of this story over the years seemed almost a miracle in times like the present in which “the concept of posterity already belongs to the past”.

heart so white It was awarded prizes such as the Critics’ Prize, the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award and the Prix l’Oeil et la Lettre.

The secret and its possible convenience, marriage, the murdersuspicion, and the hearts that little by little are dyed and know what they never wanted to know are part of the axes of this novel by the Spanish writer who died this Sunday at the age of 70.

This novel was a “before and after” in his life, as it allowed him to live on literature and rise to fame.

The-Book List of Javier Marías - corazon-tan-blanco_libros_javier_marias
“Corazón tan blanco” heads the books of Javier Marías because it marked a turning point in his literature. Photo: Penguin Random House

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The-List of books by Javier Marías