Theater – What if evolution were told to me

There is certainly a public reflection to be had on our ability to decry (or recuperate) a short story, theory or other contemporary event, while refraining from thinking for more than a few moments and generally forgetting the context. The author and playwright Jean-Philippe Baril Guérard is interested in this phenomenon with you are animala play played on the boards of Quat’Sous which unfortunately leaves you hungry.

Imagine, for a moment, that Charles Darwin publishes his revolutionary science treatise on the evolution of species not in the 19th century, but nowadays: the researcher, influenced (or not) by the recent death of his daughter, launches a paved in the pond of a society that until then adhered to a scientific doctrine that we know is outdated, but which is still not so in this alternative reality.

Then follows a general outcry, some denouncing the “racist” nature of the work, others using it to justify their extremist and supremacist vision of the world. And through it all, the researcher, played here by a young black man, will lose his job under popular vengeance, will be targeted by death threats and will see his marriage break up.

All of this could turn out to be very interesting, and spark a real discussion within society: isn’t everything going too fast these days? Do we take the time to read well, to inform ourselves, in the era of anger in 280 characters and videos shot in our car?

Unfortunately, Jean-Philippe Baril Guérard, who signs the text and plays himself, in the form of another of these theatrical documentaries at the I love Hydro Where milk run – the illusion is complete with a mention of online streaming – never goes beyond mere parody. Yes, the situations depicted are absurd; yes, we laugh a little bit star system Quebec culture, with a very successful imitation of Marie-Louise Arsenault’s interviews on the now defunct show The more we read, but beyond that, we offer nothing. No lines of thought, no steps back, only exaggerations or situations taken to extremes, like this madman of God who will use The origin of species to shoot the crowd, or that student body that will lobby to have Darwin fired from his lecturer job, even though, clearly, no one has read the book…

Perhaps it is the fact that this journalist, like many other people, lives in this exaggerated environment almost from sunrise to sunset. This sometimes very toxic mix of falsely angry politicians, conspiracy theorists, well-meaning people and other people eager to have their 15 seconds of fame.

Be that as it may, the one-dimensional concept of you are animal could have been closed in about thirty minutes. Instead, we stretch out the “pleasure” for 1h40, always with this varnish of “theatrical documentary” which has had its day. We come out of the Quat’Sous saying frankly that the opportunity has been missed here. And that is frankly unfortunate.

you are animalby Jean-Philippe Baril Guérard

Director: Patrice Dubois

With: Jean-Philippe Baril Guérard, Isabeau Blanche, Lyndz Dantiste, Laurence Dauphinais, Harry Standjofski, Phara Thibault

At the Théâtre de Quat’Sous until February 11

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Theater – What if evolution were told to me –