Thefts, assaults and child pornography in court

Between thefts and violence, immediate appearance

This Wednesday morning, the courthouse took up a case in immediate appearance to judge RF, a 38-year-old man, accused of theft, attempted theft, possession of a knife and violence against others.

Placed in pre-trial detention, RF is tried for having, on November 13, assaulted two walkers by throwing stones and threatening them. In particular, he would have uttered “Allah Akbar” in a threatening tone. The authorities then quickly seized the file to understand what really motivated this individual.

Asked by the court about his real intentions, the individual explains that he went to a mosque on the Dutch side to convert to Islam. The court asks the following question: “Do you think that the word of Islam consists in killing people?”, RF answers “No, not at all, on the contrary. I apologize a thousand times.”

Arrived in Saint-Martin three years ago to work in the hotel industry, RF will lose his undeclared activity during the covid and subsequently his accommodation. The man falls into crack and then follows a progressive “descent into hell”. The perpetrator withdraws into himself and harbors thoughts of hatred and anger towards others. He admits to having consumed drugs and alcohol the day of the aggression of the walkers.

RF is also on trial for attempting, on November 20, to steal plants from Hope Estate. In particular, he violently threatened the manager. Present at the hearing, the complainant described an agitated individual in possession of a saw in his hands. “He insulted me and threatened to cut me up and kill me. He was shouting Allah Akbar!”. The police then arrested the man.

During his intervention, the prosecutor described an individual with particularly disturbing behavior, where anger, drug taking and mental disorders are mixed. He describes a progression in violence with the desire to fight it out and a proven risk of repetition and requires 24 months of imprisonment, 12 of which are suspended. “I ask that the individual be taken out of society for a time to consider gradual reintegration with a course of care”.

After its deliberation, the court required 6 months of firm imprisonment in Basse Terre and imposes a follow-up of 24 months by the judge of application of the sentences with obligation of care, and if not respect of this care, 6 months of incarceration additional.

Tried and sentenced for a child pornography case

HJ, 38, and MJ, 30, are two brothers tried on offenses committed between December 15 and 24, 2021 in Saint-Martin. This file had already been the subject of two dismissals for shortcomings in the file. The victim concerned was 9 years old at the time of the events. Exchanges by Whattsapp of a sexual nature took place between the child and the two men. When she realized these exchanges, the mother of the victim informed the police. The conversations were then captured, extracted and analyzed. These reveal messages of a sexual nature and exchanges of photos and videos on both sides. MJ would have notably solicited the victim for proposals of a sexual nature. A representative of the victim filed a civil action and recalled the very young age of the victim at the time of the events: “today, the child seems to be permanently disturbed”.

The court declared the two individuals guilty and requires for HJ 24 months of imprisonment with a probationary suspension of 2 years, compensation of 1500€ in damages and interest with a ban on entering into contact with the victim as well as registration in the FIJAIS (automated judicial file of perpetrators of sexual or violent offences).

36 months for the main defendant
MJ is, meanwhile, sentenced to 36 months’ imprisonment and 24 months suspended probation with a formal ban on getting in touch with the victim, the payment of €1,500 to this same victim and a ban on exercising any professional activity in connection with children, registration with FIJAIS and 12 months in prison with an adjustment of the sentence (bracelet or other means).

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Thefts, assaults and child pornography in court