They take Bolsonaro’s page and put him as a ‘serpent

a joker of the internet hijacked a Jair Bolsonaro web page, used for a long time to glorify the far-right president of Brazil and turned it into a devastating online condemnation of the “clown” and “neo-fascist” government.

Bolsonaro and his three in-laws have allegedly used the domain as an official media outlet since the early 2000s.

However, earlier this month, a Brazilian opponent who has less affection for the populist clan managed to appropriate the URLapparently after the Bolsonaros failed to pay for his renewal.

The result was a public relations fiasco. for the South American agitator, as Bolsonaro’s old propaganda medium began to portray him as a cretinous, servile, incompetent, hypocritical, corrupt and hate-filled lying tyrant.

A cartoon shows a snake coming out of the blood-stained jaw of the Brazilian president next to a fragment of Psalm 140: “Rescue me, Lord, from the wicked… venom of vipers is on their lips.”

One of the cartoons that appear on Bolsonaro’s website. Photo:

A second skit shows Bolsonaro behind bars, the place many angry voters believe he belongs for his internationally condemned response to the Covid-19 outbreak that has killed more than 680,000 Brazilians.

“Bolsonaro is weak and pathetic,” proclaims a text that appears on the opposition website that denounces the servility of the Brazilian leader towards his US ally Donald Trump.

“Bolsonaro is a court jester,” announces another scathing criticism accompanied by a cartoon in which the 67-year-old Brazilian leader appears as a clown wearing ruffles around his neck.

Elsewhere on the website, Bolsonaro is compared to a milkmaid, the Grim Reaper, a mythological faun, a feathered chicken, Satan, and Adolf Hitler.

“This website is not managed by nor does it belong to the Bolsonaro family,” a disclaimer at the bottom of the page indicates.

The expropriation of the URL comes at a delicate moment for Bolsonaro, who is predicted by polls that he will not win re-election when 156 million Brazilians elect their next leader in just over a month.

Former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva currently leads the polls by a 12-point margin and maintains control of the website that bears his name.

On Sunday, Bolsonaro lost his cool during a televised presidential debate, lashing out at a prominent journalist whom he called “an embarrassment to Brazilian journalism.”

On Wednesday, the embarrassment fell on Bolsonaro, as news that his website had been hijacked sparked a tsunami of derision and scorn.

“I want to see more people stand up to the fascist,” the activist allegedly responsible for the act wrote on Twitter. “This is not the time to be silent”.

They take Bolsonaro’s page and put him as a ‘serpent-tongued liar’