This Chrome Extension Puts an End to Twitter Verified Chaos

Twitter is a circus. Since Elon Musk assumed the leadership of the social network, he quickly began to make some meaningless decisions. The one that has had the greatest impact, and that currently has the platform submerged in chaos, is the paid “verification” from TwitterBlue.

There are more and more parody accounts with the blue badge making jokes or spreading false information. The foregoing, of course, is causing some people to believe that they are reading an official profile, falling completely into deception. However, there is already a chrome extension who comes to do the work that Elon Musk and his leadership have not wanted to do.

Basically, this extension, named eight dollars -an obvious mockery of Twitter Blue-, comes to solve the disorder of the social network. Its goal is simple: show you when you are reading an official account or one that has shelled out $8 to get their blue badge.

Twitter’s current problem is that it is not possible to easily distinguish, through the interface, between the official verified ones and those who have subscribed to the mentioned service. The only option, of course, is to analyze their username trying to identify if there is a confusing variation that makes them go unnoticed. Let’s face it, this extra step shouldn’t exist.

Eight Dollars, then, displays two types of messages. “Paid for Verification”, for those who have obtained the blue badge by opening the portfolio; either “Actually Verified”, for the really verified. Interestingly, the extension’s developer, Walter Lim, exemplifies his use of the tool using both Elon Musk’s official account and that of a parody.

As soon as the deployment of Twitter Blue began, some people took the opportunity to create parody profiles of the new Twitter CEO. Maybe they don’t know that Elon Musk only likes comedy when it’s not directed at him…

Because the extension is still under development, manual installation is required outside of the Chrome Web Store. But don’t worry, because following these steps you will have it up and running quickly. Consider that it can be Chrome or any other Chromium-based browser (such as Edge, Vivaldi, Opera, and Brave, to name a few):

  1. Open your browser and, in the search bar, enter: ‌chrome://extensions.
  2. You will see the option developer modeactivate it.
  3. Download the extension from below link. It is the same available in the GitHub web of the extension.
  4. Unzip the file.
  5. Back in the browser, locate the button unpacked cargo and select the folder you unzipped.
  6. Go back to the extensions section and make sure that Eight Dollars is already activated.

Twitter’s Failed Attempt to Solve the Chaos

Elon Musk / Twitter

From Twitter they are surely aware that the verified ones are getting out of control. In fact, this very week, the company tried to deal with the problem introducing a second official verified system for public figures, companies, media and governments. Instead of a blue badge, the “Official” label appeared on those types of profiles.

Twitter, however, did not consider that the majority of those interested in subscribing to Twitter Blue would not see it with good eyes. Why? Because then the blue badge was not going to have any real meaning beyond being a mere visual indicator. The system did not last alive even 24 hours because they chose to suspend it. Totally ridiculous.

Although the manager said that he himself had ordered his withdrawal, a Twitter employee clarified that the new verification will be available again later. Of course, only for governments and companies. “The official tag is still part of the Twitter Blue launch – we’ll only be focusing on government and commercial entities to begin with,” said Esther Crawford.

This Chrome Extension Puts an End to Twitter Verified Chaos