Three fools “together again for the first time”

Santiago Segura, Florentino Fernández and José Mota.

Humor. Santiago Segura, José Mota and Flo land in Molina with their latest show “to make the viewer laugh by all means”

Susana Fernandez

It is a fact: Florentino Fernández, José Mota and Santiago Segura are the history of television comedy. They are three of today’s great comedians and the generations of ‘their fifth’ have grown up with their jokes, imitations, characters and ‘sketches’, which millions of Spaniards have had to repeat ad nauseam. They have been appearing on programs, television, movies and theaters for a huge number of years, like the one they are playing tonight in Molina de Segura at 10:00 p.m. They bring their latest show, ‘The sense of humor. Two fools and me’, where they go on stage “together again for the first time in history”.

‘The sense of humor. Two fools and me

About the content of the ‘show’ they have not wanted to give many clues, but broadly speaking they assure that it will proceed as follows: «The curtain opens, Mota, Segura and Flo come out and try to make the viewer laugh by all means. With a bit of luck they make it (otherwise they have a car with the engine running, at the back of the enclosure, to get out quickly, to save the hassle of vegetables). The curtain closes”. In the hour and a half that the show lasts, written, directed and performed by the three comedians, reflections, laughter and various nonsense follow one another. The event will surely be unique, “because in rehearsals it has been difficult to agree.”

It is unlikely that at this point they still dance their names and faces and you are not sure who they are, but do not worry. You may recognize them by other names: Who hasn’t heard of La Vieja del Visillo, Krispín Klander or Torrente? They are the mythical characters that launched these television ‘beasts’ to fame. The first was born from José Mota as part of the duo ‘Cruz y Raya’, which has already been more than 30 years old. Since then, every television program he starred in became an undeniable audience success. His television specials with references to cinema are especially famous, in which he creates a parody of height through a large dose of social criticism, the enormous acting abilities of a 360º ‘showman’ and his intelligent humor.

La Vieja del Visillo, Krispín Klander and Torrente were the characters with whom they jumped into humor

Florentino Fernández is also Flo and was in his day Krispín Klander, the character that made him famous in the 90s. He was a complete parody of Chiquito de la Calzada, but in a gay tone, almost transsexual and with a particular outfit. Later he has presented or collaborated in countless programs, has won numerous awards and has embodied many of the most emblematic animated films of recent years, always with his touch of humor “because making people laugh is still sorely lacking.”

Also essential on television in this country is Torrente, a policeman of anything but legal, in bad taste and coarse, with whom Santiago Segura won two Goya awards and became the highest-grossing film in the history of Spanish cinema. The actor, screenwriter and director, who has participated in more than 70 feature films, is characteristic for his acid, cynical, ironic and intelligent sense of humor, which seamlessly joins that of the other “two fools”.

Three fools “together again for the first time”