Thunberg vs. Tate: Sometimes the good guys win

Twitter closed 2022 with a happy ending. Andrew Tate, a kind of influencers of machismo, tried to provoke activist Greta Thunberg with a tweet asking her for an email to send her the complete list of her 33 cars. Thunberg replied providing him with a translatable email address like littlepenisenergy@bú, which sent Tate into a loop with a couple of lamentable responses.

Tate’s reaction to Thunberg’s tweet isn’t all that strange. Anyone else with any dignity would have closed her account, changed her name and moved to New Zealand, but those who live in the attention economy don’t need to “win the fight”; it is enough for them to talk about them to get performance.

Tate does not care about being “dummy of the year”, as the comedy duo Venga Monjas suggests, and he doesn’t care what former NBA player Rex Chapman recalled that “the magic of Twitter is that you can wake up not knowing who Andrew Tate is and go to sleep laughing at his small penis.” It is even possible that it does not worry her, although it hurts her, that you have been compared to Milhouse’s father. What really suited him was to attract the attention of as many people as possible to reach those who did not yet know him, thanks to the contagious power of indignation. It is possible that 999 out of 1,000 people who landed on his Twitter account thought that his masculinity nunchucks It seemed like a parody, but what counted was the thousand number, which can become a customer of your courses. It’s the Twitter version of trawling.

What nobody expected was what happened next: just hours after this online confrontation, the Romanian police entered Tate’s house on the outskirts of Bucharest, and arrested him for his alleged involvement in a human trafficking network, in addition to forcing women to record pornographic material. He and three other suspects face sentences of several years in prison.

If the tweeters were already happy with Thunberg’s response, the needle of the schadenfreudometer he went off the scale after this arrest. Above all, when the theory spread that the police found out that Tate was in Bucharest thanks to his response video to Thunberg, in which boxes from a pizza chain in the country are seen. Before the police denied it, the activist had time to answer that “That’s what happens when you don’t recycle.” The tweet is already the seventh with more I like in the history of the platform.

Tate’s case is reminiscent of Milo Yiannopoulos, which many of the lucky ones will already have forgotten. This blogger was one of the star columnists of the American extreme right during Trump’s rise to power. He gained notoriety thanks to headlines like “Would you rather your daughter be a feminist or have cancer?” The jokes made him laugh so much that he began to believe that everything he said was hilarious, until in an interview it occurred to him to defend pedophilia. And that’s when those who applauded him went on to ensure that they didn’t know him at all. He is now almost forgotten and the “almost” is because in 2019 a somewhat disoriented Vox deputy quoted his words in the Madrid Assembly, and recently and for a few days He was Kanye West’s 2024 presidential campaign manager.

These endings should not make us forget that Tate, Yiannopoulos and similar characters live to provoke and attract attention. Before answering them on Twitter and giving them the notoriety they don’t deserve, it’s a good idea to count to ten or, directly, close the application for a while. Especially since hardly anyone is as skilled as Greta Thunberg when it comes to making supposedly grown men cry with rage.

Thunberg vs. Tate: Sometimes the good guys win