Tiger: everything you need to know about the character of this Chinese zodiac sign

Since 1er February 2022, the Tiger is in the spotlight. It is this sign that influences the whole year. It is therefore interesting to learn a little more about the character of this Chinese sign.

Tiger character: his main personality traits

the Tiger is popular in China and it is in the spotlight this year 2022. Recognized as the king of animals in the country, it is considered a representative of strength, luck and bravery. Its representation is omnipresent in the country. People born under the sign of the Tiger love competition and fight until victory is achieved. Indomitable, the Tiger is not easy to control, he knows what he is capable of and refuses to submit. Intense and passionate, the Tiger goes ahead without worrying about what others will think. His instinctive nature gives him an advantage in life, but it can sometimes work against him.

The Tiger regularly acts without thinking, impulsively, and can sometimes regret his actions or his words. This frank and authentic character remains a daily quality, especially since the Tiger lets himself be guided by his emotions in a fleeting way. A leader at work, he is passionate in love, his need for intensity in life must be fueled so that boredom does not set in. If necessary, the Tiger can turn away from his work or the loved one to experience strong sensations. From day to day, the horoscope of the Tiger gives precious indications on his character…

What profession is cut out for the Tiger according to his character?

The Tiger does not always find his job quickly. During the first years of his professional life, he can grope around until he finally finds the sector in which he can truly flourish. The young Tigers therefore do not have a career that takes off quickly, but around their thirties, their professional careers are affirmed. The Tiger must learn to lean on his natural leader side. Thanks to this, his career could really take off. Different sectors of activity are particularly suited to the Tiger. Advertising, travel, crafts… are all sectors in which the Tiger can find his way.

He also has every chance of occupying managerial positions. An excellent manager, he will be able to motivate the teams, enforce the objectives and benefit the company. If he prefers to embark on a more “solo” career, the Tiger can choose sensational jobs such as pilot, writer, reporter. His thirst for victory and his desire for adventure will thus be fully satisfied. A bit authoritarian, the Tiger will have every interest in moderating his excesses of self-confidence to work better in collaboration and be appreciated by his colleagues.

Character of the Tiger: what is the attitude in love?

The Tiger is a go-getter love. Some will say that he falls in love a little too easily and it can play tricks on him. The Tiger is not immune to divorce as he marries quickly. Nevertheless, this defect has its positive side. Indeed, the Tiger is very good at showing his feelings and will always be able to find the word that pleases. With a Tiger, it is impossible to get bored in the relationship. He will always add that touch of spice that makes the relationship so pleasant. Not inclined to tolerate routine, the Tiger is looking for someone capable of following him in his adventures. He wants to share everything with the loved one and gives himself the means to do so.

If something is wrong, the Tiger will not hesitate to talk about it because he is sincere in the relationship. The reverse also works, when something is going well, he won’t hesitate to put it forward. The Tiger takes the failure of a relationship very badly. Thus, when a breakup happens, he is helpless and locks himself in grief. It is an additional demonstration of the great sensitivity of this sign of Chinese astrology. Nevertheless, the sadness of the Tiger often does not last very long. He easily falls in love and therefore quickly finds someone with whom to share his life and his passions.

Tiger: everything you need to know about the character of this Chinese zodiac sign