Tiktok’s “time traveler of the year 3002″ warns: ‘”Something serious will happen on December 21”

They are multiplied by users of social networks who announce fatalistic “predictions” between paradia and pseudoscience

Social networks like TikTok have more and more user profiles that come to spread stories based on unfounded predictions, between parody and pseudoscience. One of these profiles, which calls itself ‘Agent Loka 77’, puts on this December 21 the date on which “a great event” will be triggered.

He tells it in his profile, the same one in which he claims to come from the year 3002, that is, from the future, for months, and tries to justify it with videos that emulate pure science fiction scenarios. In his impossible predictions, he defends that the images he collects are real, and his messages are disastrous, such as the one that warns of a civil war in the United States for 2031.

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The ‘boom’ of time travel on TikTok has more profiles and, of course, has generated a legion of followers among fans and viewers fascinated by the boundless imagination.

Another profile like ‘Timevoyaging’ assures that the apocalypse will come with “the third world war & rdquor;, and uses images that pretend to be “real & rdquor; of meteorites impacting on Earth and that he would have captured in one of his trips in time.

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Under the hashtag #timetravel, the network is full of fatalistic and catastrophic predictions, some closer to our real scenario, such as the one that predicts that Donald Trump will be president of the United States again, and a time traveler from 2099 counts it as true.

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However, some of the different profiles of time travelers who “revealed” who would win the World Cup final in Qatar, taking thousands of views in November, have become evident, turning the accounts into fun and laughter for the farce. who said they had proof that Brazil would win.

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Tiktok’s “time traveler of the year 3002″ warns: ‘”Something serious will happen on December 21”