Toast “to the health” of loved ones, a dangerous association for Public Health France

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    In a new prevention campaign visible tomorrow, Public Health France targets a very French habit that is paradoxical to say the least: wishing the good health of loved ones, a glass in hand. And invites us to review our relationship with alcohol.

    And health of course!”… At the beginning of January, the occasions to celebrate the vows multiply. And those of having a “friendly” drink to toast the resolutions too. A very French custom on which Santé Publique France intends to open our eyes with a new prevention campaign: “Good health has nothing to do with alcohol” which invites us to question the link between health and our own alcohol consumption.

    A very French and cultural alcohol consumption

    According to Public Health France, which is launching this campaign, France is indeed one of the most alcohol-consuming countries among Western European countries. Several studies show that alcohol remains strongly associated with pleasure, conviviality between family and friends, and partying.

    Its consumption is justified by its perceived virtues in terms of socialization, for the pleasure of taste, and for its immediate psychoactive effects. In addition, alcohol very often accompanies significant events in social life: births, marriages, professional successes.

    “Drinking or offering alcohol is often perceived as a rule of good manners”.

    However, the Ministry of Health and Prevention reminds us: “Each year, 41,000 deaths are attributable to alcohol. Its consumption, even at low doses, increases the risk of cancer, hemorrhagic cerebrovascular accidents (CVA) and heart rhythm disorders, which makes it a major public health concern.

    But it is clear that alcohol consumers put the health risks at a distance, especially for occasional or regular consumption at low doses.

    When good health has nothing to do with alcohol

    From January 9 to 31, i.e. throughout Dry January, Public Health France will therefore broadcast a new campaign made up of TV and radio spots, surfing on our habits, and aiming to detrimentalize alcohol consumption by challenging the absurdity of wish each other “good health” by toasting with glasses of alcohol.

    A remote assistance device for everyone: Alcool Info Service

    Alcool info service is a national information, guidance and personalized assistance system, accessible to all via the internet. www.alcohol-info-servicyesr or by phone on 0 980 980 930, available 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m.

    The website provides the general public with a wealth of information, advice on reducing alcohol consumption and tools, such asalcoholmeter to assess alcohol consumption.

    The site contributes to free speech by encouraging interactions and mutual aid thanks to interactive modules (the Questions-Answers service, the discussion forumspace testimonialsetc.) and individual Chats (real-time dialogue space between the Internet user and a professional).

    In addition, the Alcohol Info Service site lists all the structures specializing in addictology within a national directory of more than 3,000 structures. This directory makes it possible to provide orientation as close as possible to the home of the person concerned. The site also has a space reserved for young people and another for health professionals.

    Toast “to the health” of loved ones, a dangerous association for Public Health France