Toñita assured that she did not make fun of Myriam Montemayor after ‘imitating’ her version of “Como la flor”

The controversy between the former academics revived with the anniversary generation. (Twitter @lanegradeoroofi and IG: myriammontecruz_)

One of the most controversial moments that left The Academy 20 years was when Myriam Montemayor sang As the flower, a success of Selena Quintanilla which is still valid after 30 years of its launch. And it is that his interpretation surprised locals and strangers for his peculiar beginning to the degree of unleashing criticism on social networks because his interpretation left much to be desired. To this were added comic imitations made by cesia -winner of the thirteenth generation- and Toñita, her former partner with whom she has starred in several scandals.

A few days ago, Antonia Salazar attended Yordi Rosado’s radio program as a special guest in exe. During his stay he talked about his projects, but he also struck a chord by singing a fragment of the endearing song of the Queen of Tex-Mex very similar to how Myriam did at the time. Her interpretation surprised those present, who could not contain her laughter.

The production of the program captured the moment and shared it on his Twitter account. TikTok, where hundreds of users burst out laughing with the whispered song, as they considered that in a certain way Toñita imitated her former partner to mock. Likewise, some others attacked him for not leaving behind his scandal with the godmother of the thirteenth generation of reality.

Myriam will writhe with courage”. “It works out better for Toña.” “Team toñita and the one that supports”. “I did like Toñita’s version, the net one.” “Obviously Toñita can’t put aside the subject of Myriam, poor”. “Then he says that it does not take”. “It fit him just the same and I think I liked Toñita’s version better.” “Even in parody, Toñita does it better.” “Myriam is over.” “After this I doubt that poor Myrian will want to sing this song again”, were some reactions.

After going viral on social networks, Toñita attended You left Prince, you return King, a tribute that José Joel and Anel Noreña organized in memory of José José for his third death anniversary. There, the former academic was questioned about the alleged parody that she would have done and she, very much in her style, explained that at no time did she make fun of Myriam because she did not even mention her name.

If people tell me sing “Como la flor”, I’m going to sing “Como la flor” because I’m an artist, that’s what I do, in fact in my shows I sing it, but if I had worn this one I sang it such an old woman, she did this like this, this old woman… she would do it nasally and out of breath, then she would be making fun of me, but if Yordi tells me Toñita sings, well I sang […] I never made fun of her or mentioned her or anything.

Toñita (Photo: Instagram@lanegradeoroofi)
Toñita (Photo: Instagram@lanegradeoroofi)

The artist commented that from her perspective there was no mockery as it was handled. She also distanced herself from the headlines that some media launched about her presentation. Regarding an alleged lawsuit that Myriam Montemayor would have filed against her, Toñita commented that everything was false, since she has not received any notification so far.

It never was, that’s when they realize when someone wants to appear and when they really don’t. ANDIt’s very easy, they looked for me for two weeks, I didn’t say anything at all. It’s not the same for someone to want to make fun of you and say pejorative words to you than to say: ‘You know, Toñita, sing me a song’, it’s very different. There are teasing after teasing and I think that this has not been seen in my networks or in anything like that, “she declared in front of Berenice Ortiz’s cameras.


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Toñita assured that she did not make fun of Myriam Montemayor after ‘imitating’ her version of “Como la flor”