Trump will give his “big announcement” this Tuesday after the setback of the ‘midterm’ and with an eye on DeSantis


Except for last-minute surprises, Donald Trump plans to present his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election this Tuesday, November 15, although not in the best of scenarios after mid-term elections in which most of his candidates have failed and the Republicans have not achieved those results that they had predicted during the campaign.

Although Trump was not personally present on the electoral ballots, practically everyone in the United States has taken these elections as the prelude to his presidential aspirations for 2024. He has been on tour in recent weeks through several states not only to support his candidates, but also to test the spirits among the electorate before his foreseeable return.

However, in the face of disappointing results, especially those achieved by the candidates he supported, Trump has tried to downplay them and has covered his back by stating that if they win, he should get all the credit, but if they lose they will be others responsible.

Not only has the “red wave” that he had predicted failed to materialize, but most of the candidates he supported continue to trail behind in the counts. Somewhat disappointing results for the tycoon, whose figure as de facto leader is increasingly questioned in the Republican Party.

There are many voices within the party who consider that Trump would have weighed down the aspirations of the Republicans in these legislative elections in which it seems that the Democrats will continue to have control of the Senate, but not of the House of Representatives.

From Michigan to Pennsylvania, the rookie candidates backed by Trump have sometimes appeared as a kind of parody of the former president, repeating ideas and representing the same comedy, thus mitigating the fall in popularity of the president of the United States, Joe Biden, and the economic crisis. .

Trump’s presidential race within his party is not now a mere formality like the previous time as the figure of the Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, is established as an alternative, especially after the good results achieved in these elections.

If Trump was the big loser on election night, DeSantis was the big winner. His victory by almost 20 percentage points, with amazing results in counties with a Latino majority, has served to vindicate himself and reaffirm Florida as a bastion beyond the reach of the Democrats.

DeSantis is achieving something that seemed impossible six years ago, getting closer to equaling the prominence within the party of a Donald Trump who has avoided commenting on the results and especially on the good performance of what seems to be his rival in the primaries. It’s an “interesting night,” he said.

Despite his contempt, Trump is aware that his rival’s potential calls his presidential career into question and has already threatened him that if he ran he could get “very badly hurt.”

“I really think he could get seriously hurt. I’d tell you things about him that wouldn’t be very flattering. I know more about him than anyone, more than maybe his wife,” Trump told Fox News on Election Day. which he later chided for the “full support” he has been giving DeSantis, an “average Republican governor with excellent public relations.”

However, it is not the first time that the elites of the Republican Party have written the political obituary of a Trump, who has not hesitated on other occasions to destroy all those who dared to question him. A bitter primary would delight Democrats, as Biden himself acknowledged. “It will be fun to see them face off,” he celebrated.

Trump will give his “big announcement” this Tuesday after the setback of the ‘midterm’ and with an eye on DeSantis