Tumblr makes fun of Twitter; sell verifications that make you “important”

  • Tumblr featured “Important Blue Internet Checkmarks” as a parody of Elon Musk and Twitter.
  • Users can get two verification marks for $7.99, a penny “cheaper than elsewhere.”
  • Twitter’s $8-a-month blue checkmark has faced criticism and ridicule.
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as a parody of Twitter and its payment verificationTumblr is selling not one, but two blue popcorn for $7.99.

The social media platform introduced “Important Blue Internet Checkmarks.”

“They’re a steal at $7.99, that’s cheaper than other places, when you consider you get not one but TWO verification popcorn for your blog,” the post reads, referencing a Twitter Blue subscription.

Musk’s new verification proposal has been criticized

Twitter’s paid subscription model has been criticized by celebrities, media organizations and users ever since Elon Musk proposed the idea. However, for some, it’s the first time they’ve seen a checkmark next to their account, as Twitter’s previous system required an application process that didn’t guarantee you’d be verified.

Musk wants to boost Twitter’s subscription system, Twitter Blue, in a bid to make the company less reliant on advertising revenue.

Musk himself said charging users $8 a month for a checkmark might be “a dumb decision, but we’ll see,” in a Twitter Space with advertisers.

He previously tweeted that he wanted to allow Twitter users to buy the blue checkmark because he doesn’t like Twitter’s “elitist system.”

Tumblr mocks and maintains that it is not a verification, it is only a “status”

On Tumblr’s website, the company says that users can have the “coveted status symbol” without having verification by Tumblr staff.

“This is not a verification state; it is a symbol that certifies that something is important on the Internet, although in 2022 it is just as legitimate. ‘Why?’ you wonder. Why not? Nothing matters!” he says.

Tumblr did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

Since the launch of Twitter’s paid blue verification model, fake accounts and trolls—which Musk said he would deal with— have purchased verifications for their accounts and have posed as people like former President George W. Bush or Musk himself.

Twitter has made several changes that do not work in just a few days

The new CEO of Twitter has said that he will eliminate all accounts that pretend to be someone else and do not expressly specify that it is a parody account.

Currently, the blue popcorn on Twitter distinguishes between those who are verified because they are Twitter Blue subscribers and users who were previously verified—and didn’t have to purchase it—although that may change in the future.

Twitter also launched as an experiment a second verification label, a gray check mark with the word “Official”which was designed to certify that an account belonged to a notable public figure.

Twitter tested a new way to verify accounts with the “official” label

However, shortly after it appeared, we saw it disappear. Musk later said that he had “killed” the feature, later calling it an “aesthetic nightmare” that recreated a class system in the app.

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Tumblr makes fun of Twitter; sell verifications that make you “important”