Twelve years after the departure of Freddy Beras Goico, his memory has been a constant; his sermons are more and more applicable, nothing has changed

Like a great irony of fate, of life or I don’t know who, Freddy died on November 18 and his birthday is November 21, what a thing

Santo Domingo DR .- Caramba Gordo time flies and there are 12 years that physically separate you from your people, from your Dominican Republic for which you worked so much in all aspects, political and social, of all kinds, nothing that had to do with it moved with the good that you were not present.

A day like today, the musician, composer, comedian, singer, actor, broadcaster, presenter, master of ceremony, activist and philanthropist, all of that in one person.

Beras Goico was one of the most influential personalities in the country, denouncing social ills and developing his philanthropy by helping people in need.

He left his mark on several generations for his communication skills, his creative ingenuity on television, and his human sensitivity in the face of the adversities of his peers.

In addition, he was the creator of several television programs that became television institutions, being “El Gordo de la Semana” (1973-2003) his main insignia.

He wrote books, compositions, scripts for television shows and comedies. His artistic life was linked, among others, to Cecilia García, Milton Pélaez, Felipe Polanco, Lope Balaguer, Yaqui Núñez del Risco, Luisito Martí, Augusto Guerrero and José Augusto Thomén.

Beras-Goico was the creator of several TV shows that became television institutions, being “El Gordo de la Semana” (1973-2003) its flagship. He was one of the most influential personalities in Dominican society, denouncing the social ills of his country and developing his philanthropy by helping people in need.

El Gordo de la Semana projected him as a great arbitrator for the solution of big conflicts. More than one problem was dealt with in his program, and solutions were sought for him.

an immense trajectory

Its beginnings were in the theater. Since 1959, Freddy worked as cameraman on the recently launched television channel rahintel. One day the presenter of the program suffer the consequences that was transmitted by this channel failed to fulfill other commitments and was replaced by chance by Beras-Goico. From then on his career was on the rise, showing his talent on radio, television and theater.

In that same decade, he created Freddie’s thingsa program of political satires in which the characters of that time were imitated. In 1963, she became part of the program the hour of the moor beside Raphael Solano. He also produced several comedy radio shows and appeared in nightclubs doing humorous presentations.

In those years, he met Milton Peláez, Cuquin Victoria Y Philip Polanco, three comedians who together with him formed a school in Dominican humor. With this group, he carried out a program of parodies called In the press and then he ventured into the radio with the humor program the news show, which was broadcast on Radio Cristal. Later, she started a program with Cecilia García and Cuquín Victoria called three by three.

Also around that time, Freddy met Yaqui Nunez del Risco, who would become his other working half for several years. With him he led the programs us at 8 and the time after At night. At the beginning of 1970, Freddy and Yaqui became part of The Midday Show as presenters. Also, within that program he began to make appearances as a sketchesalong with a group of comedians who would later be considered a legend of humor in the country, such as Cuquín Victoria, Milton Peláez, Roberto Salcedo, Cecilia García and Felipe Polanco “Boruga” among others.

On August 26, 1973, in conjunction with his work in The Midday ShowFreddy decided to form his own television project The Fatty of the Week, name given by Yaqui Núñez del Risco. The production cast was made up of: Mariano Rodríguez, Carlos Bass, Augusto Guerrero, Hugo Beras Goico, Licena Bass, Ángel Garden and Francisco Mota Gil. Broadcast in its first edition by Dominican Radio Television (RTVD), later it went through several television channels, having its greatest splendor in color vision. The program lasted until January 26, 2003 and is considered an all-time Dominican television institution.

In 1987, Beras-Goico aired a late-night program for a slightly more adult audience called Final pointto which other personalities from Dominican television joined, such as Socorro Castellanos, Jatnna Tavarez, Nani Peña, Kenny Grullón, Carlos Almanzar, Tania Báez and her niece Ivonne Beras, among others. The show ceased broadcasting in the late 1990s. In 1999, he moved his show The Fatty of the Week a superchannelwhere he also hosted the program All together.

At the beginning of 2000, Freddy undertook another project, With Freddy and Milagrosbeside Milagros German “La Diva”. These separated years later, which led to the emergence of the program With Freddy and PointBeras-Goico’s latest television project where he shared with a cast of presenters and comedians such as: Felipe Polanco, Carlos Almanzar, Luisín Jiménez, Cuquín Victoria and Pamela Sued. In 2004, she joined the radio program bouncing the punch where he was for a brief period. He also had some appearances on the radio show The 12 o’clock stop between 2005 and 2007.

Nobody like him in this line

As a comedian, Freddy portrayed around 120 popular characters, most of them with backgrounds sociopolitical. Among them are:

  • Cheo Scooter
  • Driver of the program Open line
  • priest of the confessional
  • neat lady
  • Lady Republic
  • The meteorologist
  • The mute
  • The neighbor of Vicente El Reckless
  • Facundo Cabral
  • Prosecutor of the Public Ministry
  • Francis Orlando
  • Gustavo
  • the rezadora
  • the old deaf
  • Melecio Morrobel
  • Napoleon
  • Professor of the school
  • Representative of the Public Ministry
  • tattoo
  • Christopher Columbus
  • The Fool of Pofito
  • Persian
  • The baby
  • The one who announces the headlines (next to Cuquin Victoria)
  • The owner of the funeral home
  • niosotti
  • Porfirio Agramonte
  • commissioned flat spitelium

composer and writer

Between the 70s and 80s, Freddy recorded several parodies with his comedian friends of the time. The most remembered are: “Daisy flower” (also known as “Come here”), together with Felipe Polanco “Boruga”. This song, released at the end of 1979, is considered the first rap Dominican in the form of a parody of the song Rapper’s Delightfrom the American hip hop group The Sugarhill Gang. Most of the songs had some social meaning, among them “The neighborhood”, “It is true”, “Joseph”among other.

Freddy also composed the song “the titmouse“, which was recorded by Johnny Ventura and his Combo Show.

Another of Freddy’s facets was that of a writer. Among his early books are: “The Book of Excuses”, “The Mulatone” Y “John of the Sticks”.

In April 2008, he launched “Part of my life”an autobiographical book , and in 2010 “Freddy’s Column” on social issues.

That was Freddy Beras Goico, the most beloved fat man, today all you have to do is join a chorus that has been going on since the very day he left: ¨¨What is missing, Freddy¨¨

Twelve years after the departure of Freddy Beras Goico, his memory has been a constant; his sermons are more and more applicable, nothing has changed