Twitch: Amouranth speaks out and announces legal action

After Amouranth’s revelations about the domestic violence of which she was the victim, the young woman resumed speaking.

A pioneer of hot tube and bikini lives on Twitch, streamer Amouranth has made herself known to the general public on several occasions for her temporary bans from the platform and its fabulous salaries. Behind the notoriety and the NSFW contents, it is a completely different facet that the young woman delivered this weekend. In tears in front of the camera, Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa revealed the repeated abuse suffered by her husbandand the underside of a decidedly not so rosy career.

Forced to stream under threat

Amouranth first revealed to her audience that she was married. Information so far remained secret to maintain its brand image. She then confided that her companion widely abused her situation, in particular by having the control over bank accounts, and forcing him to stream under threat. In a series of messages shared on social networks, the young woman reveals that the latter would have threatened several times to kill her dog, and that he would not have hesitated to blackmail her by squandering part of her money in crypto investments. .

It front of threats and insults from his companion, Internet users have been numerous to show their support for the streamer. After the hacking of her OnlyFans account and the presence of stalkers who had forced her to hire close security, it is a much darker facet of her life that Amouranth has unveiled to her audience in recent days. For the moment, it is not known whether the police have been notified of the situation, and whether legal proceedings will be initiated.

Behind the dramatic nature of this news item, it is the question of the consent of celebrities that arises. As a real cash machine, the reality of the business behind the most influential figures of Twitch and YouTube is still poorly regulated. We obviously think of cases similar to Amouranth, but also of the exploitation of minor children by their parents, who are developing a real business around their videos. The phenomenon is unfortunately not new. We did not have to wait for the advent of social networks to see Britney Spears and her career pushed to the limit by the ambition of his father and manager.

Ongoing legal proceedings

A few days after his chilling revelations on social networks, Amouranth finally spoke again in an improvised Twitch live. What to take stock of her situation, and announce that she was in separation proceedings with her husband : “I think when he got on that call he really realized what an asshole he is“. The young woman also indicated that she had regained control of her bank accounts and social networks.

The content offered by the streamer for a few years now should therefore change in the coming months. The young woman indicated that she intended to take the time to collect her ideas, to return “to something she likes to do“. Like sleeping full nights, not systematically putting on a cleavage during her lives, or even taking time for her rather than participating in events. Remember, however, that after her revelations, it was a double penalty that imposed itself on the young woman: by admitting that she was the victim of domestic violence, the streamer had to face a wave of cyberbullying from Internet users.

Twitch: Amouranth speaks out and announces legal action